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While watching the wheels come off for Burnett I wonder why Posada couldn't be back there?

I mean Burnett would be terrible with either catcher back there, at least there would be a better bat in the lineup.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah, Burnett can be bad. But it was his choice that he wants Molina back in the plate. If Posada was there, Burnett would be unhappy and will probably be angry at everyone.

    Molina is good behind the plate, he can throw runners out and can handle the staff well but its just his bat that is really bad. And Posada can always DH if Girardi wants him to.

    Also, Burnett will not always last the full 9 innings, Girardi knows that when there is a different pitcher there, he will replace Molina with Posada.

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    1 decade ago


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