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Generally speaking, do you favor higher interest rates or lower interest rates?

I favor higher interest rates because that rewards savers who are responsible with their money; not reckless borrowers.

and you know something; the bank CDs out performed the stock market this past decade.

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    I favor higher rates during inflationary times, and lower rates during recessionary times.

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    Interest rates should be determined by the market, not by the government.

    Interest, which is just another price, is information. It conveys the relative value of savings versus the relative value of current consumption.

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    High interest rates do not "reward savers". Higher interest rates mean the dollars you are earning are worth less. If you save the same amount proportional with inflation you are not making any headway.

    You have more dollars but they are not worth any more. The only way to benefit from inflation is if you manage to save a lot of money, have a period of high inflation followed by a return to normal. But that is not possible to predict.


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    Interest rates should be determined by the market.. in an ideal world. In a world where we have people like Madoff, Enron, and other individuals that tried to cheat the system. People don't like it when government is in control, but government control is what keeps us from being cheated.

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    Lower interest rates. The higher rates will push more people and business into bankruptcy and there will be less spending and slower recovery of the economy.

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    Personally I like high interest rates for my investments and low interest rates for my loans, but that is a personal taste thing.

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    Oh yeah, I like paying the banks additional money. Sure! What do you say we raise mortgage rates back up to 18% like they were under Carter. Can't wait. It's coming.

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    I favor higher rates when it is being paid to me, and lower rates when I am paying it.

    Doesn't everybody?

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    Umm...Your question really doesn't make sense.

    It's analogous to "Do you like high prices or low prices?" Obviously everyone likes paying low prices, but no one likes getting paid low prices for their work.

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