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What is bad quarto? How does it apply to Hamlet?

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    A bad quarto is an academic term used to describe certain versions of Shakespearian works that appear to be reconstructed from the memory of actors. The first version of Hamlet found by 'modern' scholars is known as Q1. When Q2, the second version to be found, was compared to Q1 it became obvious that there was a difference as Q1 had about half the text as Q2 and many parts had differences that made them far less interesting. Two theories arose, one suggested that the different versions were the result of people setting in the audience and writing the players parts in order to sell the play to competing theattical groups. A second theory was developed that held the different Quartos were written by actors who recalled their own parts perfectly, but only had a general idea of what many of the other parts were, hence the term 'bad' was derived from 'bad' memory.

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