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Should the law forbid the stockpiling of firearms ammunition?

I believe in the right to own firearms, and I believe we have a right to defend ourselves! I am a gun owner I own handguns, shot guns and an

"evil semi-auto 'Assault Rifle'" (its actually a battle rifle, a FAL)

but this Guy has stockpiled 30,000+ rounds of Ammo and he acts kinda crazy.


....the Right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall not be infridged"

in that case the first ammendment is a collective right too

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    This guy is just investing in his future. I personally wish that I had bought a million rounds of 380 ACP just before Obama came into office. I would have sold it over the last few months and doubled my money.

    He can only shoot it one shot at a time, so what's the problem. In fact, 30k rounds may be a little light, depending on the cartridge. My friends and I have gone through a few thousand in just one weekend.

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    If government forbid stockpiling ammo then the next question that should be asked is: What quantity of ammo is considered a stockpile?

    Once a law is passed, it is a simple task to modify that law.

    Eventually, the law could be modified to anything over 1 box of ammo is a stockpile.

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    I think the law should forbid minorities from owning guns and ammo in the first place, since they are the ones that commit the most crimes.

    I could easily amass 30,000 rounds of .22LR for as little as $700 from walmart. A box of 550 is around $12. Hardly a "stockpile"

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    Yes & No.

    30,000+ rounds in a condo in downtown New York - no bueno.

    30,000+ rounds at a gaming resort in Montana - might not be so bad.

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  • bryan
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    If you are a strict constructionist no one should own fire arms all the second amendment does is give the states the right to form militias and bear arms

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    who cares. we should just outlaw murder and then we wouldn't have 2 worry about guns. o wait...

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