1999 STS Heated Seat Issues?

Hi there, I have a 1999 STS, my driver side heated seat does not work. I know for a fact that the switch works because I flopped the driver and passenger side wires and the drivers switch worked the passengers heated seat when I did that. I know for a fact that the heated seat pads are working because I just bought them brand new from a dealer, butt and back. The wires are hot all the way down to the "heated seat control unit" which is where all the wires for it run to. There are 2 hot wires going into the heated seat control unit, I assume one is a high setting wire and one in the low setting wire. So my question is, is it the heated seat control unit? The way I see it that's what it has to be, but your the expert any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks for your time!

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    1 decade ago
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    Could be that or the heater coil in the seat is bad and you're about to get a first hand look at why we only recommend Cadillacs for the deepest of pockets.

    Hope it's not the heater element itself. Good luck.

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