How can i calculate LRA to Ton?

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    A conventional residential A/C unit compressor and fan will draw about 1.2 kW for each "ton" (12,000 BTU) of refrigeration effect.

    LRA which I believe means Locked Rotor Amps is the very high current draw when any electric motor has stalled in overload, or is just beginning to rotate when turned on. It will be about 300 - 400 % of the rated Full Load Amps of the operating motor. This will be the peak current drawn when the compressor is turned on and will last for only a short time. To prevent motor burn-out from too frequent start-ups, time delay relays are often used in the motor starting circuit.

    Usually up to about one ton capacity will operate on 115 VAC and larger units on 230 VAC, both single phase. Many larger commercial / industrial unit compressors will run of 440 VAC three phase.

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    Compressor Lra

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    how to convert lra to btu?

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    7.66667 Ton

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    110 LRA how many tons?

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    1 kw = 3413 BTU

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