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? asked in Society & CultureMythology & Folklore · 1 decade ago

How can I start and finish a vampire/vampire hunting story without it sucking?

Alright, I have a good vampire story idea, but I don't know how to start it and so on. Every time I come up with something it turns out crappy.

My story is basically about eight children (ranging from 28 to 8) that have been raised by their father, a notorious vampire hunter and morgue/funeral home owner, to hunt vampires and destroy vampires. When the youngest child was just an infant, their mother was killed by a vampire and their father started hunting for the vampire that killed their mother and taking down any vampire in his way. The father has recently died and now they feel they have to take over where their father left off. The main character is the youngest son Jason (18) and how he is dealing with the death of his father and how his ex-girlfriend was changed into vampire as well as his odd friendship with a part-vampire bounty hunter named Robin.

My ideas of vampires are A LOT different then Twilight, and that's on purpose. I wanted a more evil vampire story. I took ideas for my type of vampire from Dracula, Supernatural, very little from Twilight and other sources.

Ideas for my vampires:

- They drink blood from only live victims, the blood of the deceased is poison to them and the only way they can be destroyed (hunters usually soak stakes and impaling objects with dead man's blood to destroy them)

- They cannot metabolize animal blood, it's kinda like milk to a lactose intolerant person. :)

- They age 1 one year every 100 years, though they can maintain a youthful appearance by drinking virgin blood.

- They don't have fangs (I found that idea stupid) but they have teeth like sharks. Rows of sharp teeth which shed after feeding and are replaced by a new row.

- They shape-shift into animal that matches their personality (my character, Robin, a half-bred vampire, has the animal form of a tiger because she's aggressive, tends to stalk people and has the ideal of a huntress)

- They can conceive children every 1000 years. I didn't like the idea of vampires capable of having children, but I consented to the idea of this being a rare event because of my friend loves the idea of creepy vampire-children......

- To change a person into a vampire, a human must have vampire blood placed into their system.

- If you shine a light in their eyes, the iris changes red.

- They are vulnerable in sun, it wouldn't burn them to bits if they go out for a second, but it hurts like a very nasty sun-burn. If they stayed out in the light all day, they'd most likely be burned to a crisp.

- They can eat food, but they don't need it and can only consume it after recently feeding on blood.

- They sleep, most during the day and it's not a dead-like sleep, you can wake a sleeping vampire but its not a good idea.

- They have a hierarchy:

~Lucius and Lilith (considered the most powerful vampires, everyone is afraid of them, even the Council)

~Vampire Council (14 of the the most strongest vampires, besides the two above, they are the ones who decided to keep the existence of vampires hush-hush. They set the rules, but they're more of guidelines, no one really follows them)

~Pure Born Vampires (The rare amount of vampires that are born from two vampires)

~Regulars (Originally human vampires)

~Half-Breeds (part human/vampire, they are considered filthy and most are killed by other vampires)

~Human slaves

***Half-breed vampires age every 50 years (virgin blood applies from them too), they cannot change people, they can eat blood without problems (they need to eat like humans also), their irises don't turn red, blood to them is like alcohol to an alcohol (if they see if they go bat-**** crazy), they shape-shift, they aren't vulnerable in sunlight, but you can kill them by snapping their necks, stabbing them in the heart, blowing their brains and poisoning them with dead man's blood, they can have children whether they want.

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    You can't. Every story having to do with Vampires is inherently horrible to begin with, so there is no way to make it not suck. It sucked when you thought of it, it sucked when you wrote it, it will suck to those who read it.

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    I think your idea is very original! I find it hard to write ideas down that I have, but if it helps I try and write the more action or power scenarios first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    "How can I start and finish a vampire/vampire hunting story without it sucking?"

    Which, the story or the vampire?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it sounds pretty cool to me, you can't worry about it sucking until you have written the book.

  • 1 decade ago

    Leave the ending uncertain....?

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