Iranians,is it coward of me to not participate in political actions in university?

i wanted to do it,but i'm scared.since the presidential election,6 boys have been kicked out of university(ekhraj shodan),and the next 7 people have been called(ehzarie daryaft kardan),and rumor has it a third group is on the way.most of my friends are even afraid to talk about political stuff.i dunno...i'm not trying to bring excuses.i do feel it's everyone's duty to rise againt them,but i don't want to be kicked out.what should i do?


i go to elm-o-sanat.

Gosh people! answer. Don't just star.

why is it that i've gotton 3 stars and only one answer? seriously! is Saj the only one who cares enough to answer??

Thanks Saj...

Update 2:

mmm...question here...where are two of my answers??

when i'm in my Q&A page,it says i have 12 answers,but there are only ten answers of the lost answers is Saj's,and i think (based on what observant said)the other one is Mandana's.where are they??

Update 3:

OBSERVANT: avalan raje be daneshgah: man ye omr hadafam ghabul shodan tu daneshgah bude,12 sal vasash talash kardam,unvaght u migi ahamiaty nadare??

man ba hameye harfat movafegh nistam,vali khodaiish,dast be ghalamet khube! neveshtano be tore jeddi 2nbal mikoni??cud u give me some tips??:D

LOST: i know exactly what u're sayin,but shouldn't we do sth about it?i mean if we just sit aside and not care,it will never change...

i'm gonna let the BA be voted.i can't pick a best answer for such a question.(i wud've voted for Saj,becuz he was the first to answer,but his answer's gotten deleted,so i dunno...)

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  • Msgol
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    1 decade ago
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    ok here is the thing simply you are not a coward

    personally i didn't attend to any of these demonstrations not because I'm afraid of anything (Honestly)

    look at people of Iran

    not all of us think the same way

    not all of us are green

    more than half of Iranians don't even respect the rights of each other

    more than half of us don't deserve freedom

    i mean look at our fathers they still believe women should wear scarf

    if its not like that in your family or mine im sure our neighbors or relatives have at least 1 dictator on their houses

    they rigged the election this time but 4 years ago at least 1/3 of people voted for ahmadinejad

    who is ahmadinejad

    he is one of us Iranians he didn't drop out from the mars and there are a bunch of ahmadinejads around you its either the shopkeeper or the taxi driver , school principle or the University CEO

    you might ask whats my point in this and what the hell im babling about

    again its simple, for us to remove the dictatorship we should first start with our minds our motives and our houses

    i got a family member who lost her virginity to her boyfriend before marriage

    All my family relatives look at her as if she is a prostitute

    i mean who are we to judge people?

    why the hell we take freedom from each other?

    the people who talk about Namoos and gheyrat are the same people who rape us in prisons

    and these things Take A LOT of time to change and i mean A lot

    so don't try to kick yourself out of university for nothing !!!

    stay there mind your own business get your degree Save money and get the hell out of Iran if you don't want your life to be waisted

    best of luck for you my friend


    no matter what we do this wont change until the time for generation witch is already in power is over

    and People are completely United witch currently they are not

    we have seen these people and their motives and ways

    even if they have to kill 2/3 or Iran population to hold the power THEY WILL and i guess everyone knows this

    and surly my friend we can sit and do nothing cuz nobody is doing anything anymore its bitter i know but how many nights we didn't hear allaho akbar?

    how many times we saw 1 young man doing and nobody was following him?

    yet still the green is up and will be till the end of these dark days and beyond BUT

    all I'm saying is now is not the time

    you are a daneshjo Take care of yourself

    daneshjo che zelat bepazirad che napazirad mimirad(GOD forbids)

    don't participate in any political movements in university

    if you see normal people demonstrating (not daneshjo) and its safe attend and feel proud that you did something good for Iran unlike me


    what the hell are you talking about JAL ?!!!!

    Source(s): my Twisted mind
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  • Pamela
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    4 years ago

    A little, but slowly. I've found that it's sharpened my rhetoric and allowed me to cut a lot of the dead wood away from my arguments. I've also had a lot of people share some fascinating essays with me regarding a host of topics. While not necessarily changing my viewpoint it has allowed me to flesh out some of the weaker points in my own personal philosophy. This forum, while often ridiculous, does have a lot of informed posters willing to share with you. Some are conservative, some liberal, some Libertarian, and some are socialists, and they're all useful to talk to. I happen to be a Libertarian, so I can find flaw and agreement with just about anybody. But the constant exchange of ideas has, in my opinion, allowed me to grow and evolve as a politically active individual. I'm definitely better informed, even if I don't always use the facts as other people think they should be. There's never been a lighting flash, "Eureka!"-style change, but this forum is one of the tools I've used to mature my thought processes.

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  • Majid
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    1 decade ago

    It's not coward at all , but you can't get anything without paying its price . Here My friends got kicked out because of being in Dorm in 25 Tir 88 and got caught at the same day (-4 vezarate keshvar !!!). and some of them aren't allowed to stay In Kuye daneshgah .

    And you haven't answered my recent questions ;-)

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  • Arya
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    1 decade ago

    Do not throw yourself in the spot light. But also don't be totally inactive and evasive either. Always be aware and look for opportunities to take part in activities without actually exposing yourself too much.

    One must know precious things can't be achieved without some sacrifice. There's always a certain amount of risk involved when taking part in political activities. However this risk decreases when more and more people take part.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you need to be careful in everything even when you're doing simplest things in the world so no you're not coward and protesting in Iran if it is not the most dangerous task in the world it would be at least one of top 5 dangerous ones as you know so you need to stay cautious...

    also about staring and not answering, as Massy said you need to be more patient and wait for more answers to come, i personally star Qs which i like and to share it with my contacts (hatman midooni ke the more stars the more answers "potentially") and sometimes i don't have the time to answer so i put them in my watch list to answer at a later time.

    take care.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    be nazare man bayad beine tarsoo bodan va mohtat bodan fargh bezarim. agar tazahorati dar daneshgaheton hast ke edeye ziadi az daneshjo ha hastand, be nazare man bayad sherkat kard dar gheire in sorat tarso hastim, vali fekr nemikonam mardom be kasi ke masalan tamayoli baraye riasate anjoman eslami nadashte bashe tarso began. bayad meghdare risk ro ba natijee ke azash be dast miad sanjid.

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  • Mirza
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    If you have enough friends to support you and still don't go to their rallies and protests, then I should say, yes, you are. But if you are new there, I give the right to you not to risk your future.

    Source(s): This is what came to my mind
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  • Massy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    No it's not you being coward, it's you being worried about your life your future your family like many other people. It's a normal feeling that you want to be safe.

    Edit: calm down, let us think to give an answer :P

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  • 1 decade ago

    Think in any political discuss and you will never be kicked on your a$$.

    Think about the truth and don't try to be cool and look updated (anti-government). Be wise and sage. Maybe you lose your best Friends which are anti government but atleast you said the truth.

    Source(s): Ahmadinejad for ever
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best thing I ever did in university was to avoid such crap, focus on your grades to increase pay.

    But if a foreigner asks you genially, you are obliged to speak the truth.

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