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When can Filipinos free themselves from the shackle of Colonial Mentality?

It is seems to me that Filipinos are deep buried with the Colonial Mentality. Look at the youngsters nowadays, imitating not only the fashion trend set by Americans and Europeans, but as well as their culture of not giving respect to their elders anymore. I am not surprised and can't help wondering where is the Filipino culture that our ancestors have fought for before during the Spanish era, all gone in vain. Isn't it? Nowadays, teens are more proud to be wearing levis jeans and T-shirts made by other foreign country instead of patronizing their own product. If we compare ourselves to Japan, we are very far behind, in science and technology. Puro kasi katatawanan ang mga pinoy, pati dito sa forum dinadala ang kalokohan nila. May nagtatanong pa tungkol sa mga body parts sa loob ng refrigirator, wala namang pinupuntahan ang mga tanong. Me, I just skipped that kind of insane questions. It will not help the Philippines to be a progressive country. But nobody is reporting that kind of questions, kasi mabiro ang mga Pinoy, Pinoy eh, mas gusto pa nating tawanan ang problema kesa harapin ito at bigyan ng solusyon. Maybe this is one reason why the Philippines can not progress kasi wala naman tayong maisip na solusyon sa problema kundi tawanan lang ang mga ito.


I can not believe you people on your premise that this is a result of globalization because if what you said is true then it does not serve the very purpose why it was created in the first place, to integrate communities by way of trade, sharing cultures, and economies that each participants may learn. Kung ang kukunin lang natin ay ang mga bagay na hindi naman makakatulong sa kulturang pilipino, then shut it down na lang di ba. At isa pan ngang ang problema sa atin, we easily give in to something which is not rightly ours. Fashion, trends, and yet you said it a way to gain confidence, how pathethic is that? To say that being comic is a positive mindset, Im sure victims of Katrina and Tsunami did not use the same approach. Being comic is not a prerequisite to being resilient, Isnt it? Ang nakakatawa pa we take pride in saying ng most of the Foreign brands are made in the Philippines, we patronize it, dahil sa brand but we can not patronize our own. When are fililipinos going to wake up

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    Removal of the mindset known as colonial mentality will lead the country to real progress in the global realm. How can I so boldly say that? Because EVERY SINGLE country who has in the last 100 years has done exactly that.

    Here is the list:




    South Korean




    The countries above have set aside their deep rooted admiration of foreign cutlure in favor of their own. The Philippines still considers Western goods and culture as suerior to its own and as such have paid the price these last 60 years.

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    Personally, i dont see anything wrong in appreciating other countries' products and/or following the fashion trends set by other races. We are now in a specific era where globalization has already conquered the entire world, di lang on trading pati din sa culture. Though you definitely have a valid point re our withering filipino values (on giving respect to our elders), i guess in scavenging, we should only salvage the good, and leave the bad ones behind.

    Regarding the Pinoy's very positive mindset, it is a very crucial pinoy trait that has helped us survive our darker times in history, mga suki nang calamities, as well ung economic and socio-political turmoil, which were permanent elements na yata ng society natin. And, if it actually helps us to survive, then, it must be a good thing,.. unless otherwise, it encourages apathy and indifference amongst us (and not resiliency) as what you have pointed out.

  • The argument that colonial mentality is counter productive and has kept the Filipino from progressing is pure MYTH and holds no water. Nothing is wrong with kids admiring foreign made jeans and shirts. In fact the practice is universal. I have seen Eskimos wear name brand jackets on their way to hunt as part of their tradition. Aborigines crave for Nike shoes in the Outbacks. The story of a Mayan Indian who wanted to trade his wife for a New York Yankee cap worn by an American oil driller in South America is not an exaggeration. Algerian kids love Adidas soccer shirts. Are their being Mayan, Aborigines, Algerian and others lessened by wearing those name brand stuff? I do not think so. Please do not compare yourself with other cultures like the Japanese. You will only feel sad and loose focus. You sound like an old man clinging to the past and castigating the future. The world has changed, including taste for food, clothing, music, communications and even the language. You will have to accept and embrace them. Otherwise you become irrelevant and isolated. In hindsight, I think the Filipino has done great strides in becoming a niche global player despite the the poverty and hardships at home. Geaux, Johnny Cross.

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    Lahat ng problema sa Pinas, may solution, kaso, with politics and corruption, walang nangyayari. The RH bill, flood control projects, farm to market roads, more schools and toilets and health clinics in the barrios --- if all these can be done, that's progress. After those are done and peace & order problems can be solved, then let's think about advances in science and technology. Ang dami nang utang ang Pinas sa mga colonials kung saan nila nakuha yung mentality eh.

    As to dressing with colonial mentality: yun lang ang kaya natin eh, para mag feel confident at hindi kawawa tingnan kahit ang Pinas lubog na sa problema't utang, not to mention baha. I don't think we can blame anyone who wants to look American. Kahit sa ibang metropolis sa ibang bansa, all the kids want to look hip. Sa totoo, the correct word for it is globalization, not colonial mentality.

    And Pinoys do patronize local products --- but even Bench, Kamiseta, Bayo, Folded & Hung, o yung nasa tiangge, which sell very well and they are 100% Pinoy, influenced pa rin yun ng Gap, Esprit, Banana Republic and the pages of Vogue. Yung shoes sa Marikina Shoe Expo at SM, still influenced by trends abroad, medyo mabagal lang nga ang paghabol sa uso. Ang tunay na Pinoy na maganda at matibay at puede ibag-yabang sa mundo, furniture lang.

    Let the kids be, the world will be a boring place if everybody is alike. Besides, when they grow older and have families, magbabago rin sila, they will mature, priorities will change.

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    we're still a third world country trying to make it out there. lots of filipinos feel that in order to move forward, we've got to copy what successful countries do, including what they wear.

    i've been here in the us for 2 years now. i prefer phil-made jeans because they fit! it's hard to find the right size of clothes here if you're not built like an american.

    nothing wrong with facing your problems with a smile. unfortunately, with most pinoys, that's the only thing that they do. smile, laugh, brush the problems off.

    when cory aquino died, you'd see a lot of messages and yellow ribbons in different social sites proclaiming how good a person she was. some even cried at her funeral and tributes. same thing here. what good do yellow ribbons and crying do? did anything change after cory died? i think she would have preferred this than all the sympathies she got.

    i think that it should start in school and at home. kids should be taught to be nationalistic. kids should be made to observe old filipino traditions - mano, po/opo. and adults should be careful to lead by example.

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    The government must create jobs somehow with their limited revenue. I see way too many unemployed men just hanging out and waiting for the women to support them.

    Why is it that countries who had their factories destroyed during WW2 rebuild their economy and thrive in the world market? Same with south Korea and Vietnam. Both have thriving economies.

    Maybe if the Philippines made a conscious effort to eliminate the Muslim terrorists and NPA they would get ahead. Maybe if they allowed more American Military to do a thorough and complete job of this they would prosper.

    Maybe if less Nepotism and more positive infrastructure. Maybe if their educated professionals would remain in the Philippines instead of going abroad to make a living.

    Source(s): Been there, seen it, experienced it
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    I don't see anything wrong if we adopt the culture of other races as long as we don't forget our own. The modern world has made us a mixture of the old and new. I see your point though - about youngsters forgetting manners. I have seen that myself many times and it disgusts me. Either these youngsters were not brought up properly by their parents or it's just a repulsive habit they have learned from peers.

    Filipinos will always have this colonial mentality. It's ingrained in our very veins. Whether one likes it or not, it's up to the individual to minimize such an abhorrent trait.

    Well, it does not hurt to laugh off our problems. Instead of whining, moping or moaning over the heavy load of problems we face everyday, it is better to just look at them as temporary setbacks. True friends who see you in that difficult situation will always come and cheer you up although they know it does not do much to help you solve your problems but, at least, their puns or jokes can make your day a little brighter.

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    Most US brand clothing are made from the Philippines. I have Old Navy, GAP, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Victoria's Secret apparels with made in the Philippines tag. Choosing those over local urban clothing brands Bench and Penshoppe which are made from China sweatshops is like buying a fully loaded car over a POS one. If I'm going to buy something, it must worth my money.

    I don't know why those local clothing brands can not have their products made in the Philippines. In one of my trips to the Phils., I saw a shop making customized jeans. They have a wide array of denim in different colors, wash, and weight. The tailors are so skilled they can construct a pair of your favorite jeans. But one thing is just wrong, the buttons and copper rivets they use are knock offs of popular Western brands. Wearing one is no different than flaunting a designer purse bought from Divisoria and Baclaran. If there's a made in the Philippines local brand of jeans with local brand zippers, tags, and buttons as durable as Levi's, I'd be proud to wear it.

    But I do agree with you that most young Filipinos especially celebrities follow US and European trends when it comes to dressing. Who would wear a fall season attire - calf high suede boots and tucked skinny jeans in Manila? There ain't no rodeo either in Manila.

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    You are just one more of many in the Philippines looking for someone else to blame for your problems. If you had infrastructure in place, if you had an adequate education system in place for public school students, if you allowed foreign investors to compete fairly in your country and bring jobs to your shores for your people, if you stopped voting in thugs and mafia families, if you stopped participating in corruption instead of pretending no one but politicians are corrupt, if you demanded corrupt politicians be punished instead of just talking about it and complaining about it maybe the kids in the Philippines would have a reason to want to be Filipino.

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