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Why was the nobel peace prize created?

are there any websites besides wikipedia that answers my question .?

thankss :]

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    The Peace Prize is one of several Nobel Prizes funded by money that the Swedish inventor and business tycoon Alfred Nobel left in his will for that purpose.

    Nobel invented the explosives dynamite and gelignite. (He died in 1896, half a century before the creation of the atomic bomb, so he had nothing to do with that explosive device.) Several years before Nobel's death, a newspaper mistakenly published an obituary in which it described him as a merchant of death, an inventor who was responsible for a great deal of violence and suffering. It is said that he decided to fund the Nobel Prizes as a way of establishing a more positive legacy.

    Instead of web searching just the Peace Prize, try looking up Alfred Nobel for more information.

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    Nobel was a scientist who helped with the Hydrogen Bomb (at least I think it was the H bomb anyhoo it doesn't matter) and he felt guilty, so he used all his money to set up a prize to promote world peace.

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    To ease Alfred Nobel's conscience, I guess. And to make people like him.

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