Environmental Engineer jobs?

What kind of jobs can a person with an environmental engineering degree perform? Is the job market good for this type of profession? is it a career that has a promising future and good pay?

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    A few years ago, environmental engineering was considered among the jobs with the fastest growth.


    The growth of pretty much all jobs has declined since, with environmental engineering being no exception. It's still stronger than most other professions though.

    There are a lot of jobs you can do with this degree. A good chunk end up designing water and wastewater treatment plants, but this degree will also prepare you for solid waste management, air pollution, soil remediation, and other things of that sort. A few environmental engineers end up doing more technical/industrial engineering jobs, a few get law degrees and do environmental engineering law, a few end up as environmental consultants, etc.

    There really are a lot of things you can do. If you have any specific questions feel free to post it or shoot me an email.

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    That is a good answer that Dawei provided.

    I am an environmental engineer and my job consists of doing environmental site assessments. So basically, that means collecting soil and water samples and analyzing for various types of contaminants. Our clients and job sites can range from a small residential site to decommisioning old industrial sites such as steel mills, mines, fuel storage depots, etc. A lot of sampling and field work is usually required to determine the type and extent of contamination you are dealing with at a site. Once all that data has been compiled, it is then upto the engineer to determine the risks associated with the contamination and a way to remediate it.

    I guess the market for it depends on where you live. It has a promising future if you enjoy doing it. Again, the pay depends on where you live, your experience and ability.

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    Yeah good answer from Dawei. I'm an environmental scientist working at an environmental consulting company, and there are quite a few engineers in my office. It's a good field to go into, because there are always environmental problems that need to be cleaned up, and lots of environmental consulting companies.

    Personally I started out making $38k per year in Sacramento, CA. 3 years later I'm making $48k. So it's pretty solid pay. Feel free to email me too through my profile if you have further questions.

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