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tonight my dad said to me?

tonight my dad said to me what do you know your not a parent;

a year ago i was raped and i got pregnant he doesn't know

i ended up loosing the baby but when i herd those words coming out of his mouth i just want to fall over and die i wanted to scream but nothing would come out i just wanna die i cant even look at my dad now he makes me sick

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    You should have said in repsonse: What do you know, you haven't lived my life."

    Why didn't you tell your parents or the police about the rape? You don't have to suffer the trauma of it alone. I'm so sorry you went through such a horrible experience.

    If your dad knew what had happened, I am sure he would not have made such an insensitive remark.

    You need to tell your mom and dad what happened. The fact that your dad's comment hurt you so bad shows that you are still in a lot of pain from the experience.

    and the only way to work through the pain is by telling your parents so they can give you the emotional support you need.

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    How can he say something insensitive when he doesn't know what happened to you? You're worried that your parents will blame you that you got raped and won't support you? Wrong. They will support you whatever happens to you, but they can't help you until you tell them what happened. Have a friend there with you for support if needed. Have a plan B in case things don't go well etc.

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    Perhaps counseling could help you. As your Dad knows nothing of your ordeal, he can be forgiven. It is the sort of inane thing most of us say sometimes. I think you should seek professional help because no one should go through such an ordeal alone, and as people don't know, they are not going to give you the support you need.

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    I'm sorry that you went through that ordeal......

    Don't blame your dad....he obviously doesn't know what you went through. Are you able to talk to him about this? Are you close? Would it help if you did talk about it?

    My mum has said that to me a couple of times.....not quite in those words but in the same context.

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