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1.And contrast to cabinet secretaries, who may be pulled in different directions by the wishes of the president and those of their clientele group, staffers in the White House Office are likely to see themselves as being responsible to the president alone.

(1)上面的句子中 cabinet secretaries  指的是什麼?是內閣部長還是內閣秘書?



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    1. cabinet secretaries 指的是內閣各部的部長們

    2. 句子後面是指白宮職員認為他們自己只須對總統負責任 (這是和部長們作對比, 因為部長們除了對總統, 還必須對其所服務的相關團體負責(例如一些工商團體,能源大戶, 遊說組織, 等等).

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