if you take ibuprofen before a mammogram, will it work?

i have a mammogram coming up soon, and i've heard that taking a pain killer before will ease the pain, anyone tried this? specifically, ibuprofen? did it work?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I presume you're having the kind of mammogram where they squash your breast flat and irradiate it? You might ask to have an ultrasound instead, which is completely painless and doesn't expose sensitive breast tissue to potentially damaging radiation needlessly. My mother started doing this several years ago, and is much happier, though she did have to really get pushy with her doctor to get them to agree. If it's a routine screening, ultrasound is definitely better, and though they don't like to do it you can insist. If there is a good reason for the mammogram (and make them explain it - it should be a really good reason to force you to go through pain and radiation) then ibuprofen will help the pain somewhat, but you should check with your doctor before taking anything that could potentially compromise the test results.

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