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War novel for book report??

I need a good war novel for my book report. DOes anyone know any good ones????? Preferably in first person, but it doesn't matter. Nothing too long too, since its due in three weeks. thanx

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    This is fiction, but it is an amazing read and deals with loss, separation, courage and the will to do the right thing:

    ‘Tomorrow when the war began’ by John Marsden which is about a group of teenagers who go camping for a while in the holidays, and when they return home, they find their whole town captured and that they are at war. All telephone lines have been cut and there is no way out of the town without facing thousands of guards. They are the town’s only hope to freedom. It’s really moving to see what they have to go through (people die, become injured and captured, and they still have to keep fighting!) Blurb on back of the book:

    Ellie and her friends leave home one quiet morning, wave goodbye to their parents and head up to the hills to camp out for a while; seven teenagers filling in time during the school holidays.

    The world is about to change forever. Their lives will never be the same again.

    Would you fight? Would you give up everything? Would you sacrifice even life itself?

    Tomorrow when the war began asks the biggest questions you will ever have to answer.

    Source(s): I've read it and have known people who have done assignments on it, and all of them got very high marks.
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    "The Red Badge Of Courage" this is a civil war novel in first person, i read it when i was younger but it might still be good, check it out:)

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    All Quiet on the Western Front. best war novel ever made, no doubt.

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    "A Soldier of the Great War" by Mark Helprin...

    (Awesome book...once you get into the main character's head and start to hear the story of his life in Italy and the Alps during World War I, you can't put it down...I highly recommend that one...bettter than Catch 22, which would be my second on link)

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    You are correct, Snoopy DOES rule! And I recommend, Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. You will enjoy it, and it is a short read.

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