I need some information on Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos and discord?

I need sites or information on Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos and discord because im finding it kind of hard finding information.

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    actually, Eris began the Trojan conflict! She threw the apple into the marriage occasion of Peleus and Thetis through fact she became indignant that she hadn't been invited (she wasn't invited, of direction, through fact she became the goddess of discord and the ouple did no longer prefer to threat their marriage). So, she threw the apple into the occasion with a be conscious that mentioned "To the fairest." Ambiguous as that's, no person knew who this became for and it brought about discord! And chaos. Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera all fought over the apple (ultimately it became given to Hera by using Paris in substitute for the affection of the main eye-catching lady, Helen, which began the Trojan conflict!) that's, to me, the finest tidbit approximately Eris and particular her maximum severe come across in Greek mythology. desire it facilitates :)

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