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is he trying to tell me somethig?

so, ive been friends with this guy that i really lke before i started to lke him, but now i lke him, but thats not the prob. the thing is that the most fiscal contact that we ever had before was a hand shake, but all the sudden one day that he sees me i get a big hug and everyday since then i have been getting hugs, is he trying to tell me something?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi STW,

    He is telling you something. He has deciding if he wants to make you his GF though he hasn't said anything. If you keep allowing him to hug you when he pops the question he's hoping you will be comfortable enough to say yes or he is just being friendly. If a guy that likes you sees this he will think that he is your BF and won't bother you. I guess the only way you will know why he feels the need to hug you when you see each other is to ask him. You could say why are you always hugging me do you like the way I smell. If he wants a GF he will say something or he will stop hugging you and then you'll know that he is just being friendly.

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