A question about tb?

Is a tb shot a normal shot you get for school??

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    What you describe as a TB,"shot" is a test to see if your body has produced antibodies to the bacteria that causes TB. It confers no immunity It merely indicates previous exposure to the bacteria. People from the Philippines have often been given BCG vaccine which will confer immunity but the individual will always test positive for exposure to TB. People who have had the BCG vaccine need a chest x-ray to definitively rule out an active disease process. Since TB is highly contagious in the acute phase I personally have a test annually. This is required for my job but having been exposed to TB many times, I like the reassurance! I hope this is helpful!

    Source(s): I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist with 33 years experience in Emergency Care and adult critical care.
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    What the previous post said is close but not entirely accurate. There is a vaccine for tb called bcg vaccine but it doesn't work that good and is usually only given in countries with very high rates of tb. Like they said what your probably talking about is the Purified Protein Derivative or PPD test for tb which is placed under your skin and then read 2-3 days later. If this test is positive then you get a chest x-ray to see if you have active vs latent tb because the treatment for each is different.

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    There isn't a vaccine for TB. There is a skin test to check if you have been exposed to the TB germ . The skin test is often done in schools because tuberculosis is highly contagious. A positive skin test doesn't mean that you have TB, but it does mean that you need a chest x-ray to check your lungs for signs of tuberculosis, If you have been exposed but don't have the disease you will need to take medication for a year to make sure you don't get TB. Also once you have a positive skin test, you shouldn't get another because the test could cause severe skin ulcers. You would need a chest x-ray to check for active TB.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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