is there a software that will act as a phone answering machine for multiple users?

I have a small business with 5 employees working from their homes so I would like to have one phone number that can then be directed to each of our mailboxes.

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    Not necessarily a "software"...but there is a VERY affordable service that "I" use...where you can set up everything you need for $50/month.

    The company is called "Onebox". You can get ONE phone number (I believe you can transfer an existing line over as well...worst case, if you can't transfer your existing number over...forward all calls from your existing line to the new number...and "onebox" allows you to set up as many as 5 mailboxes per number.

    It's very impressive. You can type in the text you would like professionally recorded as your phone greeting and they will record it for you ('small' fee, but worth it), you can upload an existing voice file (free), or just type in your text and a fairly competent computer voice reads it off for you (free...and you can actually press a button and it reads it for you "on the spot" so you can hear how it sounds immediately)...including, press 1 for Jane Doe, Press 2 for Janet Doe II, etc etc etc.

    I don't believe it's associated with both systems are amazingly efficient...I get customer commentary about how professional my system is all the time.

    Hope it works for you (Hint: call and speak w/representative to help you set up the ext's voicemail properly...once they're're hands off efficient from that day forward...unless you want to forward their calls to their home/cell/office...then you can change those options as often as you wish.)

    Source(s): I have FOUR companies working off of this system!!!
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