is this a good printer? advice please?

hello, im buying a printer for home use i dont need to print off anything fancy just word documents, graphs, and the occasional photo maybe. I dont know anything about printers so please help. it needs to be cheap. the on im thinking of is Maximum resolution - 4800 x 1200dpi

Print speed - 5 ppm b&w / 5 ppm colour

Standalone copier - Yes

Number of cartridges - 2

Connectivity - USB 2.0

would that be satisfactory?

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    If it has two cartridges one will be black ink, and one will be a three compartment cartridge with the CYK colors used to mix dots into the many colors used in a color picture. If you run out of one of the colors needed you would have to replace the whole cartridge. If you keep your color printing to a minimum, this would be OK,

    Most of us badly underestimate the number of color pictures we will be printing, as even copying a few pages from the web will involve quite a bit of color. Check into the type of cartridges used, if you can refill the color cartridge section that is running low without having to buy a new three compartment cartridge, that is an important fact to consider.

    Consumables make up the large cost of a printer. By consumables I mean ink and paper. Will it print satisfactorily on plain Xerographic paper and are the cartridges for the ink easy to find, cheap, and refillable. As a rule of thumb, most household printers will spend twice the amount on consumables as the printer cost, but a higher quality printer can sometimes use lower cost consumables and is a better choice in the long run. Don't fool yourself into saying you will only print occasionally. Once we have a printer we start to make birthday cards, small newsletters, "free puppies/kittens to good home" ads and so on almost without end. A family printer is used much more often than most owners realize, and much more than they intended when they purchased it.

    Printers are much cheaper now than they have been in many years. I would recommend that you purchase a printer with four cartridges, black and one of each of the ink colors, and one that can print on practically anything. If you don't have t throw away a color cartridge because one color is out, and the other two are almost full, and the cartridges are found everywhere cheaply, and you can print on a ream of standard copy paper you can pick up at Walmart or Kmart.

    Don't pick the printer first. Find out what 4 cartridge sets are carried cheaply almost everywhere, and then go looking for a four cartridge printer that can use a standard paper. That will end up costing you less in your first year or two than a bargain printer that you spend an arm an a leg on special paper and inks.

    Source(s): Once burned, twice shy. I bought a cheap printer and ended up being drowned in the cost of ink.
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    1 decade ago

    I think so.

    A basic hp printer costs 80$ and a combo pack of ink will be about 32$. Their current number for a printer in this range is 60.

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