MJ Fans-The Moonwalk Book?

Hey guys, does anyone know if Michael's book, Moonwalk is going to be re-released (or has been) because I heard something about it going to be somewhere? And do any shops sell it, because I've searched in Waterstones and places like that I and I can't find it. I know you get get it online but I wondered if shops had it.

Thanks, and love you all MJ family <3

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    yea it was re released oct 13. :))

    im gonna buy it today finally !

    go to barnes and nobels

    thats where i went and they told me i could pre order it or buy when it came out in oct 13. hope you find it :))

    ill be there, that song always makes me cry, it really touches my heart <3

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    Moonwalk was written by Michael Jackson as well as his poem book Dancing the Dream!

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    Oh I'm really sorry I don't know babe!! None of his books are even here (except 3 that I saw, and which were out after his death - editors trying to spin money out of us - those books cost an arm and a leg!).

    But do you want to read that book first before buying??

    Email me if you do. =)

    EDIT: I'll always choose I'll Be There..i think! I haven't heard the other song yet.

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    I don't know where they sell i n stores. I went online because i think that's the best place to go to that they do have it.They even have the 1888 copy on Ebay. Love you too. The answer to your question is; i like both songs. Good Luck!

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  • It's been re-released. It came out this past Tuesday on the 13th.

    I had pre-ordered on Amazon but then I cancelled it. I just ran to BORDERS to get it because I couldn't wait for it to be shipped.

    That book is chockful of mouth-watering pics of MJ!!!

    BTW, it was a New York Times bestseller when it was originally released in 1988.

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    Yep you heard right. The book is going to be re-released


    I think you can already buy it!

    I didn't know!

    look - https://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/display...

    Waterstones will have it I think on the 28th October I heard, in shops anyway, I asked and they said that was the date.

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    Its realeased the 22nd October over in the UK.

    Amazon are shipping it from then and also HMV will definatloey have it in stock

    I'll be there :D

  • yes its going to be released...

    oh and btw George Clooney is like 47 or something not much of a difference...and its our own choice...

    Who's Loving You...

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    probably so. it did not seem like such a bad book. most of the time, you have situations where the books are critically acclaimed.

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    You realize your love is a for a man in his 50s....


    oh yeah....

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