Should Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Ecuador be worried, now the USA is building bases in Colombia?

On July 15th, Obama signed a deal to build seven new US bases in Colombia. Should the fledgling democracies in Venezuela, Bolivia etc be worried, given the USA's history of tantrums when excluded from Latin American affairs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The whole world including the American people should be worried by the unending US militarism that, if unchecked, will leave an American financial elite controlling all parts of the world that are not directly within China's sphere of influence.

    The US and UK occupy Afghanistan solely to maintain a base for a future invasion of Iran; after this is completed the Afghans will be left to their own devices. Look out for more false flag operations like the Twin Towers. My guess is a couple of the dodgy dams in the US will be blown and the blame placed on Iran.

    Under the pretext of prevention of terrorism, the people of the UK and US have lost civil and legal rights that have existed for hundreds of years. Mass taxation funds illegal wars but the beneficiaries in the West number only a few hundred people who profit from the corrupt contracts associated with war.

  • 1 decade ago

    Fledgling democracies? Obama wants bases there so he can fly in to meet with his socialist buddies.

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