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Is anyone else getting withheld phone calls from a machine?

My landline phone keeps ringing, the caller display shows up as withheld and when I answer it and say hello a machine starts talking to me its like telesales but they are using a machine instead of people. I know its not a big problem, its just really annoying! Does anyone else agree and is there anything that can be done to put a stop to these phone calls. I don't want to ring my service provider because I am with Sky Talk and I find their staff really rude! I have problems everytime I phone up and I have found they do not even follow up my complaints.

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    I have exactly the same problem!

    I was told that I could bar callers using caller withheld but as I am looking for a job this may stop agencies from calling me. When I spoke to Sky they said they do not sell telephone lists.

    They also get around the caller ID bar by calling internationally ...very sneaky.

    So there you go, you can speak to the telephone preference service to prevent withheld numbers or put up with it, like me and I am ex-directory so that does not work either!

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    Have you got any debts? Debt collecting agencies use automatic call-back as it saves them from chasing people manually. It also bypasses caller ID and 1471 which promotes curiosity in those they are calling, making them more likely to wait and see who it is. There is also a possibility it could be marketing companies (mobile phone offers etc), and yes they probably use premium rate lines but it is not a scam. In fact, I doubt a scammer has redirected your calls - given the communications technology we have now, phone scamming is something of a rarity. Either way, you do right to put the phone down, as it is unlikely to be anything beneficial to you, but if it persists you should take the call just to tell them where to stick it - surely that's worth 75 pence...

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    I don't know about Sky Talk, but a feature on regular landline service called ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection) eliminates unknown numbers from getting through.. (*77 turns on, *87 turns off.) I still get some of those calls that enter some spoofed number like 000-0000...

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