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peta throwing paint on fur coats causes more problems?

tell me i got it right k

if they throw paint on a fur coat and ruin it and if the person has enough money wont they just go buy a new one so arent they kinda fueling the fur market by causing people to have to buy new ones

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    Well I'm downright against furs but throwing paint on them AFTER they have been "created" is useless. The point is save the animals, not destroy their furs. By doing so, the 'activist vegetarians' are just giving us a bad name. If they want to help, protest against fur farms, not loan sharks' wives for wearing fur.

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    I think throwing paint serves no purpose... you can get your point across with a dirty look or a loud comment about animal suffering or something like "only mean people wear fur"

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    I have this funny habit , if someone does me or my property harm , I retaliate . Therefore if you throw paint on my wife's fur coat , expect to be wearing that paint can on your head .

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    I agree. I'm a strict vegetarian, and am not one of the types who protest and what not. I do it for myself and the animals I guess, but I wouldn't wreck someone else's property, thinking I was "doing it for the animals".

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    Maybe. In any case they are criminals and they make themselves look foolish. I am vegan but I don't like/support PETA and their antics.

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    i would throw my fur coat on them

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    Meat. Should you eat it or not? What about red meat--is it any worse for you than white meat? Let's look at the issues in an intellectually honest way.

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    Eat your meat, but skip the pudding. Have an apple, instead.

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    I would buy two more.

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