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If we will come to an agreement. You will be the exclusive importer and distributor in TAIWAN. again we are here here to help you to succeed. We are willing to give you 250 samples free.[ no charge to you.] for each master case. we do have a good idea about your country. so we came with a logic number of 10 cases per month to keep the exclusivity.

We do have available for delivery.



The export price is $ 4.00 per tube the event if we decided to select you as our exclusive distributor in your country. we will give you a full support not just selling you the product.

Update 2:

we will give you 300 samples foe each master case you order [ no charge to you. so you can give it to your retailers and they will give it to there customers. we made a survey so many times every time you hand a ten samples to ten people. at least 7 will comeback and purchase L’annine.

Update 3:

It will be very helpful if you can give us an idea of how many accounts you have and what your projection of number of cases you commit to order each month.

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