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What's your favorite fragrance.....?

Whether it be a natural, artificial, perfume type, cologne type, candle fragrance, potpourri, etc., type of fragrance?

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    Pumpkin Pie

    Some perfume but I'm getting older and I think perfume is losing its appeal to me (lol) though I DO enjoy sampling colognes.

    If I ever pass by a candle shop or candle aisle and have time, I go through smelling the candles.

    I love the smell of rain - and where I am we get a LOT of it - and believe it or not I love the smell of the sea.

    Source(s): my nose!
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    I Conjure Candles New "Vixen" Visualisation Candle. One whiff and you feel asthough you're sexier than Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe fused together. Leatherly and Woody with a musky overtone.

    I read in Vogue that it's Kate Moss' favourite Candle.

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    Lavender and Lilly of the Valley. Both are my favorite scents.

    Edit: Oh and I forgot one more that I like. Honeysuckle. That's also a really good fragrance as well.

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    I have a cinnamon-vanilla scented candle and it's one of the best things I've ever smelled. There's also this unidentified tree next door to my apartment building that has the BEST smelling flowers...I love it.

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  • Becki
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    1 decade ago

    Lavender, both as a growing plant, and in lotions

  • Anonymous
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    My favourite!!!

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