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Al asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

How is the ASVAB scored?

How is the ASVAB scored?

I hear u need a 61 to get into the AIRFORCE. What is a 61? What percentage right is that? Isn't there 200 quest? if so then how many right? What is min score for Army? I studied my butt off and did well in Mathematics Knowledge, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Compreh, Arithmetic Reasoning. But got my *** handed to me on Gen Science, Auto and Shop, Mechanical Compreh, and Electonics info. THIS WAS ON A PRACT ASVAB test. So anybody?

Sorry about having so many questions. The main one is what is a 61? What percentage do i have to score?

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    There's not much difference between a 31 and a 61. Its a percentile rank from the test group of several thousand people that originally took the test. It's NOT a percentile rank from the people that have taken the test and are in the military.

    The top percentile score is a 99 and is based on how many answers you got correct and then converted to a percentile rank. Certain answers are weighted. Even the top percentile score goes from like 232 - 265 would be a 99 AFQT. A 98 AFQT would be something like 230-231, a 97 would be a 228-229... and so on.

    Your line scores are combined scores of certain standard scores and will give you a better indication of how you did on the test. GT (GT would stand for the certain combined Standard Scores and then compared to a chart for your overall GT score...(confusing I know, but the DOD is the only one that has access to exactly how these scores are scored and weighted) subsections and is your General Technical score) (example 120 GT), CL, CO, EL scores and so forth... Your standard scores will tell you how many points you got in each section GS, AR, WK (example 53), PC, MK (MK would stand for the subsection Mathematical Knowledge)

    There are different Catagories too...

    ASVAB Catagories:

    Catagory 1 .......99 - 93

    Catagory II ........92 - 65

    Catagory IIIA .....64 - 50

    Catagory IIIB......49 - 31

    Catagory IVA ....30 - 21

    Catagory IVB .... etc

    Catagory IVC .... etc

    Catagory V ........ etc

    To get into the Services: (ASVAB scores)

    Marines - 32, 25 waiverable

    Army - 31, 26 waiverable

    Navy - 35, 31 waiverable

    Air Force - 36, 31 waiverable

    Coast Guard - 40

    G.E.D. holders --- you'll need a 50 to get in all services, and a 65 for the Air force. Unless you have 15+ college credits, than you are exempt and an automatic Tier 1(same a s a High School diploma and needs no higher ASVAB score than the minimum)

    Source(s): 99 AFQT score, all line scores were over 130.
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    Best bet for this is to share the results with a recruiter, and see what jobs you can qualify for with your scores. You could also retake the test, after studying. Books for that are available. In general, the better the scores, the more jobs you have to choose from, so you want to go in with the best possible. I don't remember all the numbers; been too long since mine, but a recruiter can help you with that. Just don't be pressured.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thas pretty good. you can score around 30 and still get into the army. in the air force its alot more difficult

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