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i need find someone tdcj number {for free} i have there name and date of brith where can i go 2 find it .link?

links would b great i need a free web site

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    Texas Department of Criminal Justice for offender info @ :

    Offender Information

    Offender location/general Information may now be obtained online. Offender Information requests may be made by telephone or e-mail.


    General offender information only (location/offenses/projected release date)

    Parole problems & questions only

    Problems & questions relating to offenders

    Can't find offender in TDCJ?

    Requests by telephone: The following offices are open 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday

    Offender Parole Status Line -- Austin, 512-406-5202, or Huntsville, 936-291-2106. MUST have TDCJ or SID #.

    Offender Locator/General Information Line -- Huntsville, 936-295-6371, or 800-535-0283.

    *NOTE: If you do not know the offender's TDCJ or SID number you MUST provide EXACT date of birth of offender for telephone requests.

    General Offender Information Only : Link for ONLINE SEARCH

    or Requests by E-mail : The following information is available (be specific in your email what you are requesting):

    TDCJ number

    Offender location

    Offense of Conviction

    Incarceration history: offense, county and court of conviction of

    offenses for which the offender was incarcerated previously

    Current incarceration: offense, county and court of conviction

    Projected Release Date (see definition below)

    E-mail to this address the offender's full name and 7-digit TDCJ number. If you do not know the TDCJ number, provide the exact date of birth (if d.o.b. is not known, provide their approximate age and county of conviction).

    ** Please include offender's name in subject line of e-mail**

    There is no charge for this service. Photographs and social security numbers of offenders will not be provided to the public.

    Other sections: Parole Questions & Problems

    Offenders not under TDCJ supervision:

    Projected release date

    (info as of August 10, 2009 )

    On this site you will find information on how to register to receive calls from an offender located at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facility.

    The following rules apply to the system:

    •Phones are available from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM, unless conditions dictate a change

    •Calls are limited to 15 minutes

    •You will hear a warning message one minute before being disconnected

    •Offenders are limited to 120 minutes per month

    •All calls, except to the Attorney of Record, are subject to monitoring, recording and voice recognition to complete call

    •Calls may only be made to home landline telephone numbers ("Home phone"). No calls are allowed to cell phones, 800 numbers, businesses, pay phones, or international numbers

    •Friends and family members listed on the Offender’s Visitor List are required to meet certain validation requirements. These requirements are listed on the Registration page.

    (Yahoo search has 526,000 listings for "tdcj number". Hope this helps a little.)

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    Tdcj Inmate Release Date Information

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    Tdcj Offender Search

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    Their website is ,then click on offender search.

    Offender Information is the first one listed under Quick Links on that site.

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