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Do you think assisted suicide should be legalized?

Why, or why not?

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    Physician assisted suicide? Yes. But only in extreme terminal illness/loss of cognitive being cases and only once everyone has health care since there is much room for misjudgment based on monetary detriments of continuing treatment on a family, so it should not be legalized until there is health care. Also due to patients compromised autonomy if they are in extreme pain the doctor must judge whether or not to okay it, for this reason, states like Oregon have a policy where you must visit a doctor and request twice for lethal pills with weeks spacing each request. To answer this question it would take about... 20,000 words using Rawl's social contract theory, double effect, some writings from Rachel's, some deontological ethics... it's a VERY complicated issue with much room for "slippery slopes" if approached incorrectly.

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    I think it should be legal. Although I have always had a great respect for human life, I have learned through my own research that assisted suicide is not what opposers try to say it is.

    I have also found that as I've gotten older, it has become more understandable to want to end your life peacefully. There is a psychological aspect involved that younger people don't understand, but will understand when they get older.

    A lot of people tend to commit suicide in the end anyway. Not everyone does, but a good portion of the old and dying do. They do this by refusing to eat and drink. Basically they have come to the end, and they know it's the end, and their will to live is over. If they are in pain they tend to realize it's over and because of great pain they refuse water and food and slip into a coma and die.

    I don't know about you, but if I was 80 years old and I had a horrible health problem in which the pain was unbearable, and there was no cure for my problem, and then the doctor said I had 6 months to live....then I would be looking to end it. Give me a cliff, a drug OD, a weight in my pants for jumping into the river....I'd do it and most other people have thought of it.

    In 2009 I contracted a virus. Doctors thought it might be the HN1 flu, but it turned out to be an unusual but documented virus that some people get from living in the Rocky Mountains. What I can tell you is that it felt like I was dying. The headache and hallucinations that I had were unreal, and I wanted to die. However, being only 38 years old, it was not an option. I had a whole life ahead of me. But, if I was 80 years old with an incurable disease and I only had three months to live, and I was in as much pain as I was when I had the virus, then I guarantee you I would end my life if there was an option.

    As a level headed person I pretty much bet that most people are going to feel that way at the end and would choose the death option if it was available. We all want to die easy and painlessly, but many of us will not. Many of us will die in agony and torment. It's sad but we haven't figured out a way to live forever.

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    i've watched my own mother, grandmother and grandfather die at home of cancer, i think that if someone is terminal, in severe pain,is competent, and the family agrees they should have the right,

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