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Canon camera lens error,now the frontal part of the lens fell off?

ok so i got my cam out today during school and turned it on,and got a lens error,the lens part was zoomed in and was stuck that way,so it would go back in,so i pushed it back in,but it didnt go in all the way so i tried to pull it back out cuz it would go in any more,and when i tried to pull it out,the front silver part that surrounds the lens itself fell off,and now idk how to get it back on,pllzz someone help i really need help on fixing this

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    I can't really say anything more than the two others did.... However, to avoid breaking it again, make sure you are not holding it like a point and shoot camera. Your hand needs to support the lens. This is the reason why most DSLR lenses break.

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  • Anonymous
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    800-828-4040 Canon Customer Service for a product that you own.

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  • Sakura
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    It's broken. If it's still under warranty then call Canon. If not, either take it to a camera repair shop or buy a new one.

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