What's left but to objectify each other?

Inspired by an earlier question.

Everyday I read about how "independent" everyone is. How great it is that everyone can do everything all the time with no help from anyone else. At the same time, I hear whining about how "shallow" everyone is...how wrong it is to "objectify" people.

However, a society where nobody needs anybody else is by definition a shallow society. We only maintain relationships with other people because those people serve some want in our lives. When they no longer serve that want, we simply discard them and find someone new to fill that role.

In a world where nobody really needs anybody, what's left but to objectify other people for their qualities?


I'm not disagreeing with either of you Tracey or Sox. But notice both of you used the word "want" and listed some qualities that you "want."

I'm merely questioning how a free "independent" society can claim that there is anything unnatural or socially corrosive about objectifying people when objectification is actually the stimulus and glue for most of our social interactions.

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    The problem isn't the objectifying, it is that objectification has become incredibly poorly defined.

    Objectification is treating someone as a tool, something to be used to fulfill and end and then be discarded or abused to your own heart's content. While these people and these ideas do exist, the truth is that it isn't as common as one would think when they hear how often the term 'objectify' is pranced about for show.

    The way it is used now means basically anything, from its true meaning (as outlined above) to simply appreciating only one skill that in relevant to the exclusion of several irrelevant ones. If that is 'objectification', it is the only logical choice.

    If I am hiring someone to build me a table, I hire the person with the skills to build that table. I don't care if their dream was to be an architect, or that they like the colour blue, or that they have three children at home, or that they are quite interested in philosophy. I just want my table built, therefore I 'objectify' the candidates based on that single trait, the object of my scrutiny, their ability to build me a table.

    If I want to become sexually aroused, I find someone I find sexually appealing. I don't care if they have a Masters in Marine Biology, or that they once had their heart broken in high school, or if they can build me a table. I focus on the one relevant attribute, their sexual attractiveness from my perspective.

    If I am doing my taxes, I 'objectify' the candidates for the person with the greatest knowledge of the tax system. I don't care if they really don't like their job, if they are in an unhappy marriage, or if they are sexually attractive. The only way to make a logical choice is to 'objectify' the options based on relevant information.

    If I want a long term relationship with someone I wish to spend the rest of my life with, I 'objectify' them on pertinent information. I care about their hopes. I care about their dreams. I care about their past, their goals, their personality, their physical form, their spirituality, how they treat me, how they treat themselves, whether they want me, it is all relevant. Whether they need me or not, that is not relevant, and that is not considered.

    Objectification is a terrible thing to do to someone, but it has been given much room to hide by people who misuse the term, bastardize it and rob it of its meaning. Which is really quite sad, because it makes it that much more difficult to deal with the real problems of objectification in the world...

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    4 years ago

    Wow Fay, you quite are one very indignant lady! It is just a little tricky to reply on the grounds that I am a christian - one among Jehovah's Witnesses and you don't suppose, however good my reply is evidently going to be religious. First: Our Creator made guy and girl to be intimate with each and every different and moment He mentioned to be fruitful. He didn't say: you'll handiest have intercourse if you're going to make infants; no even mentioned that we're to provide each and every different their dues and to discover satisfaction in our marriage associates. So on your reasoning, intercourse needs to be a bloodless hearted act and but even as, you're indignant that we females were decreased to machines and many others! My husband and I are not able to have kids because of male infertility and so condoms aren't a always and neither for me to head at the capsule. Some do not desire kids, so you're announcing that they've no proper to make love and so both use condoms or move at the capsule however a few females have terrible part results from the capsule and in addition a few are allergic to condoms! So going again to me and my husband: you're announcing that we haven't any proper to be intimate eh? All I can say is thank goodness you're now not our Creator lol

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    Does "everyone" really claim to be able to do everything, all the time, with no help from anyone else?

    In that case what the heck are we all doing on Answers?

    Excuse me, I have to go ask a wombat/plumbing related question now.

    I am at least deep enough to recognise when I'm out of my depth.

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    Because one day of happiness with just one person, will keep us going for another 6 months of hell with everyone else<-- But watch out, because that one person has a tendency to become "Everyone else" in a heart beat ;-)

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  • Sox
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    1 decade ago

    When people say they are independent, usually what they are trying to say is that they are free thinkers and they also don't need to rely on people for things like money and a place to stay.

    Not that they don't want to be loved or love or have friends.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't "need" a man in my life, but I love my boyfriend and we have companionship and great sex.

    I do not understand this (male) perception that since women don't need men to support them anymore, they no longer want them.

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    1 decade ago

    Amen brother. The more we move away from God and focus on ourselves, the less we become.

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