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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificTaiwan · 1 decade ago

STRICTLY romantic Taiwanese dramas?

Hey, there. Lately I've been watching my share of Taiwanese dramas and I wanted to know if you guys could recommend me some.

I'd like a Taiwanese drama that is PRIMARILY ROMANTIC. A bit of humor is okay, but not too much, because I like the romance to be very serious.

The romantic dramas that I recently watched were:

- Devil Beside You (I didn't like this one too much. Too strange.)

- Why Why Love (Liked it.)

- Smiling Pasta (Loved.)

- My Lucky Star (LOVED.)

I haven't watched many romantic ones because I haven't found any worthy! Like the last two that I listed, I like dramas that are basically centered around the romance more than anything else.

Thanks for the help.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I liked Go Fried Rice! (Rolling Love)

    actually I just liked it cuz genie zhuos and in and i think she looks really cute. she was also cute as muo li in Romantic Princess.

    anyways, yea, ive seen why why love. i dont like mike he. he looks kinda mean even tho hes hot.

    i really didnt like smiling pasta either cuz its sooo corny. sorry. i really hate cyndi wang's red hair in there. too bright.

    have u seen the It started with the kiss I and II?

    they're kinda old but classic and really centered on romance.

    u can also watch love and bread. thats again joe cheng and ariel lin.

    there are also others but they're all corny.

    Source(s): a nongay taiwanese american guy who wishes he can have a taiwanese girl with huge eyes.
  • 1 decade ago


    and THEY KISS AGAIN (called IT STARTED WITH A KISS 2 also)

    are really worth to watch...

    the first may a bit like fairy tales but the story is so nice when it proceeds to season 2 ! u must watch the first before the second season..

    ^_* i like these two so much!!! the only two taiwanese dramas that i like~~~~ lots of thing that u could learn from it (if u watch it more than once.. hehe)

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