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I need a science fair project idea. FAST!?

Yeah, i really need one FAST.

Uhm well i cant do any product testing & i dont want to work with plants.

I need something thats not to easy & not to hard.

im in the 7th grade too(:

oh and please dont post a link to websites with a whole bunch of questions, it would be easier if you just tell me the question.

oh and it needs to be in the what is the effect of (independent variable) on ( dependent variable) statement.

please&thank you:)

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    Your hypothesis could be:

    I think that while watching a scary movie my blood pressure will be higher than while watching a fairy tale.

    All you would have to do is:

    Find a scary movie you want to watch and while watching it take your blood pressure 3 differant times, then pick out any fairy tale movie and while watching it take your blood pressure 3 times.

    Make for sure you record your blood pressure so you don't forget.

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    conveniently enough i also had a science fair in grade 7 and i won first place. this was my project it is very straight forward but seems hard to do.

    you use electrolysis of water. basically you put electrical current through water and this produces hydrogen and oxygen, all you really need for this project is a lantern battery or any DC power supply, a little bit of wire and aluminum foil as your electrodes (or any electrical conductor that doesn't react with water,oxygen,hydrogen----even thought aluminum does rust it doesn't happen as fast as iron would so it is better--i say this because at the negative electrode oxygen is produced and that makes most metals rust quite easily ), you also need a container and 2 smaller containers that would be used to capture the oxygen and hydrogen

    some tips:

    - the more surface area your electrodes have the faster this works

    - the closer the 2 electrodes the faster it works

    - don't let the electrodes touch

    - keep checking your battery so that it doesn't get hot

    - if your using a power supply any thing between 5-30V is good, but more importantly the high the amperage(A,mA) the more faster you can do this without overheating and burning out your power supply

    - if you want you can add something acidic/basic to the water and this speeds up the process - but i don't recommend it as it causes side chemical reactions;which 1 may not let you get you hydrogen and oxygen, and 2 can be dangerous for you

    for a lot of information about this type in electrolysis of water in wikipedia it explains in great detail

    hope this helps

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    Here is the project… This will blow peoples minds.

    Show how much money you save by switching to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights).

    Get a cardboard box, about one and a half feet cube, and put inside it a light fixture and a series of really big resistors. These resistors must be capable of about 100W dissipation. Get a precision thermometer – ideally one that can measure the inside of the box but be read on the outside of the box.

    Choose and install an incandescent light bulb of a wattage so that after about 2 to 3 hours (or more) the temperature inside the box is about 100 degrees F. Once the temperature has stabilized hook up enough resistors and power them up so that the temperature goes up to about 120F. Calculate the total power used – light bulb and resistor power.

    Now replace the incandescent light bulb with a CFL that puts out the same lumens (it should be about 1/3 the wattage). Now increase the resistor power (either increase the number of parallel resistors or increase the voltage across the resistors) so that the temperature again stabilizes after about 2 to 3 hours (or more) at 120 degrees F. Again calculate the total power used – light bulb and resistor power. How has it changed? Did you save any money by switching to CFLs?

    The box at 120F is like a house in the winter where you have to heat the house to keep warm. The results of this experiment should be surprising in that it will show that there will probably be no savings at all from using CFLs. Worse – it can be shown that if the energy to heat the house comes from natural gas and the electricity comes from hydroelectricity (or nuclear) the CFLs will actually hurt the environment by shifting energy usage to fossil fuels….

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    Ozone Lair

    Or Whats depleating it

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    The reaction between mentos and coke.

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    potato clock

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    u can probably do a project on toilet paper and seee which brand is stronger.... idk i saw it on tv

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