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whats a good name for a pure white chihuahua?

my aunts chihuahua had puppies and we're getting the only other girl since they are keeping the other 1


thanks u there ALL good names :)

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    when i did not know a good dog name i e-mailed my mom 4 advice and this is what she e-mailed back good luck!sorry they are both boy and girl because i have a boy and girl dog but i hope you find a name!

    Abbey, Abby, Abagail, Ace, Alamo, Alec, Alen, Alex, Alexis, Ali,

    Algie, Allie, Althea, Amanda, Amber, Amelia, Amigo, Amos,

    Anastasia, Andie, Angel, Angelica, Anne, Arcanine, Archer,

    Arica, Ariel, Arizona, Asha, Ashtan, Aspen, Atlas, Aura, Axel,

    Ayala, Ayana Ashley, Astro,


    Baby, Bailey, Balto, Bambi, Bandit, Barklay, Barky, Barney, Basil,

    Beanie, Bear, Beatrice, Becca, Beckie, Beetle, Bejour, Bell, Bella,

    Belle, Ben, Benni, Bennie, Benny, Bentley, Bessie, Beta, Billie,

    Biscuit, B.J., Blackie, Blaster, Blaze, Blinx, Blitz, Blondie, Blooper,

    Blossom, Blue, Bogie, Boinkers, Bonkers, Bonnie, Bono, Bonzo, Boo,

    Booboo, Boogie, Boomer, Boots, Bootsie, Bootsy, Boxer, Boy,

    Brad, Brandi, Brandon, Brandy, Brock, Bruno, Breaker, Brechin,

    Bree, Brenner, Bridget, Brindle, Brink, Briz, Bronx, Bryce, Bryttany,

    Bubba, Bubbles, Bucky, Bud, Buddy, Buffy, Bullet, Busta, Buster,

    Butch, Buttercup, Buzz,


    Caesar, Caitlyn, Calli, Calypso, Camby, Cami, Candi, Candy,

    Cappachino, Cargo, Carl, Carly, Carmel, Casey, Cash, Cassie, Cassey,

    Cassidy, Cat, Caymus, Cedar, Chaos, Chance, Chapanga, Chappy,

    Charlie, Chase, Chasity, Chaz, Checkers, Cheeky, Cherry, Chelsea,

    Cher, Chester, Chewy, Chica, Chico, China, Ching, Chinzy, Chiquita,

    Chloe, Chocoleth, Chunky, Cinnamon, Clarice, Cleo, Clifford, Cloe,

    Cloud, Clover, Cobie, Coby, Cocoa, Cody, Comet, Contessa, Cooper,

    Copper, Corky, Cornell, Cosmo, Cowboy, Cream, Cruiser, Crumpet,

    Crystal, Cuddles, Cupcake, Custard, Cutie,


    Daffy, Dafny, Daisy, Daisy Mae, Dakota, Dallas, Damien, Dancer,

    Danny, Dante, Darling, David, Dawson, DeDe, Derral, Diamond,

    Dicer, Digger, DJ, Diane, Dinah, Dinger, Dingo, Dinky, Dino, Dixie,

    Doby, Dog, Dogberry, Dogzilla, Dolly, Donte, Dossie, Dottie, Dotty,

    Dozer, Drummond, Dude, Duke, Duncan, Dutchess, Dusty, Dudley,

    Dogberry, Dude, Dutchess,


    Echo, Ed, Eevee, Eli, Elmer, Elmo, Emma, Else, Elvis, Elway, Ember,

    Emily, Erin, Eros, Eternity


    Fairy, Fancy, Fanny, Farley, Favian, Feefee, Fido, Fiona, Finnegan,

    Fletcher, Flint, Fluffy, Flossie, Fonzie, Foster, Foxy, Fran, Franko,

    Fred, Friday, Frisky, Fritz, Freckles, Furry,


    Gabbie, Gabby, Galaxy, Gamble, Garth, GeGe', Gena, Geneve, George,

    Gidget, Gina, Ginger, Ginny, Gizmo, Goldy, Goliath, Gomez, Goofball,

    Goose, Grace, Gracie, Graveler (a mean dog), Grouch, Grover, Growlithe,

    Gus, Guy, Gwenivive, Gypsy,


    Haley, Halley, Hannah, Hans, Harley, Harrie, Harvey, Hazel, Hattie,

    Harry, Henry, Hercules, Henry, Hero, Hershey, Hogan, Holly, Homer,

    Homey, Honey, Honey Bear, Hoover, Hot Dog, Hot Shot, Houstan, Hunter,


    Impi, Iris, Ivan, Ivy, Indira, Iona, Isis, Ivory, Izzy,


    Jack, Jackie, Jackson, Jacqueline, Jade, Jake, James Bond, Jamie,

    Jammin, Janice, Jar, Jaraspo, Jarava, Jarrah (Dark Wood), Jasmine,

    Jasper, Jay, Jazzy, Jazz, Jemmi, Jefferson, Jenny, Jerry, Jersey, Jet,

    Jethro, Jetta, Jessi, Jester, Jetson, Jibber, Jimmy, Jimny, Juno, Joy,

    Jumper, Jono, Joe, Joeie, JoJo, Jolene, Jolteon, Jonny, Josey, Julie,

    Juliet, Jumbo Jim, Jumboli, Juno,


    Kahuna, Karma, Kashanta, Katie, Kayla, Keemo, Kelly, Kenny,

    Kenya, Koda, Kobe, Kobie, Kona, Kera, Kelsey, Keesha, Keeshu,

    Kenimo, Kiara, King, Kirby, Kojak, Kramer, Kristen, Krystal, Koko,


    Lacey, Laddie, Lady, Lady Luck, Laura, Lazy, Lee, Leo, Leon,

    Leopold (thanks to our visitor who suggested this name), Lexa,

    Lightning, Lilly, Lindsey Girl, Lira, Lisa, Lizzie, Loki, Loretta,

    Lori, Lucky, Lucy, Luke,


    Mabel, Mac, Machoke (a strong dog), Mackensie, Madam , Madeline,

    Madison, Maggie Mae, Magic, Maha, Mairin, Maggie, Maka, Malibu,

    Mandy, Maria, Mariah, Matilda, Maverick, Max, Maxie, Maya, McCoy,

    Meghan, Meggie, Meika, Merlin, Mesha, Mickey, Midget, Midnight, Miko,

    Mila, Milly, Milo, MiMi, Mindy, Minnie, Misty, Misty Bleu, M&M, Moby,

    Mocha, Mojoe, Mollsyn, Molly, Mooch, Mobster, MoJo, Monee, Montague,

    Monty, Mookie, Muffin, Moses, Mocha, Morgan, Mouse, Moxie, Muffin,

    Muffy, Muscleman, Mutt, Muttley, Myra, Mystic,


    Nalie, Nalpo, Naya, Nicholle, Nikki, Niña, Ninja, Nick, Nala, Napoleon,

    Nellie, Neptune, Nocko, Nookie, Nanook, Nikko, Ninetails, Nugget,


    Oakie, Oddie, Oliver Twist, Olivia, Ollie, Onyx, Oprah, Oreo, Oscar, Otis,


    Pacey, Paco, Paddy, Pagan, Pal, Panda, Patch, Patches, Patti,

    Patty, Pawprint, Paws, Peewee, Pelar, PePe'La Pu, Pepper,

    Peppermint Patty, Peppy, Penny, Persephone, Pete, Peyton,

    Phoebe, Phoenix, Pilgrim, Pippi, Piper, Pixie, Polly, Pongo, Poppy,

    Polvo, Poncho, Pooper, Popper, Poppy, Porsha, Posy, Pouch, Prissy,

    Prince, Printz, Princess, Psycho, Puddles, Puff, Pugsl


    Queenie, Queeny, Quigley, Queisha, Quincey,


    Radar, Raffles, Rainbow, Rajah (Indian for King), Ralphie, Rambo,

    Ramone, Ranger, Ranni (Indian For Queen), Rapidash (a fast dog),

    Rascal, Ravindra, Rayo (Spanish for Lighting), Reagan, Reana,

    Reasoner, Reeba, Rena, Rene, Reese, Reeses, Rex, Rhea, Ricky,

    Riggs, Riley, Ringo, Rinty, Rita the Red, Robbie, Robbin, Robo,

    Rocket, Rockie, Rocky, Rolly, Rolly Polly, Roly, Romeo, Rontu,

    Roscoe, Rosie, Rover, Rudy, Ruler, Runner, Rush, Rusty, Ryder,


    Sabra, Sable, Sabrina, Sadie, Saffron, Salam, Sam, Sammy, Sampson,

    Sandie, Sandy, Santana, Sara, Sasha, Sassy, Savvie, Scooby, Scooter,

    Scott, Scottie, Scruffy, Sebastian, Shadow, Shaggy, Shaleigh, Shania,

    Shannon, Sharo (means spotty in Croation), Shasta, Sheila, Shelby,

    Sherlock, Shredder, Shreddie, Sid, Simba, Simon, Sinatra, Sissy,

    Skeeter, Skittles, Skoshi, Skye, Skylar, Slowbro, Slowpoke, Sly,

    Sneakers, Snickers, Snoopy, Snow, Snowflake, Snowy, Snuggles,

    Sophie, Sorrel, Soya, Spaz, Spencer, Sparkle, Sparkles, Sparky, Spazzy,

    Spike, Spook, Spooky, Spotty, Spunky, Star, Starbuck, Star-sweeper,

    Stoney, Stormy, Stripes, Sugar, Sunflash, Sunny, Sunray, Sunshine,

    Superman, Susie, Sylvie, Synergy, Smokey, Squeek, Sydney, Sylvia,


    Tabbey, Taco, Tadpole, Taffy, Tahoe, Tameeka, Tanner, Tank, Tanzi, Tapanga,

    Tara, Tasha, Taz, Teakwood, Teddy, Terry, Tess, Thunder, Tiea, Tiger, Thor,

    Tigger, Tiggy, Timber, Timmy, Tiny, Tippy, Toby, Toffee, Toga, Tonka, Topper,

    Tori, Tory, Toto, Trapper, Trigger, Trouper, Trooper, Trotter, Tramp, Trixie,

    Trixy, Trusty, Tucker, Tuesday, Tye, Tyke, Tygar, Tyler,


    Uno, Uvina,


    Val, Venus, Vihra, Violet, Viva, Vulpix,


    Waldo, Walker, Wally, newWambo, Watson, Warrior, Webster, WeePaws, Weeps, Wes,

    Wheeler, Whit, White Sox, Whitney, Wiggles, Willie, Winston, Woko, Wolf,

    Wolly, Wonderwoman, Wrinkles


    Xena, Xenia, Xera,


    Y2K-9, Yanni, Yankee, Yapper, Yoda, Yoharn, Yorki, Yoshi, Yuki, Yukon


    Zac, Zachary, Zaggy, Zahria, Zander, Zappy, Zara, Zeena, Zelda, Zephyr,

    Zero, Zeus, Ziggles, Ziggy, Zinnia, Zip, Zippy, Zippers, Zoe, Zoey, Zora, Zosh, Zuri,

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    White Chihuahua

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Whats a good name for a pure white chihuahua?

    my aunts chihuahua had puppies and we're getting the only other girl since they are keeping the other 1

    Source(s): whats good pure white chihuahua:
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    Snow Flake







    Source(s): Me
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    Definitely do NOT name her ANGEL lol my sis named her all white chihuahua Angel & she is anything BUT :)

    Marshmellow (small & white)


    Sugar (but i would spell it sugah)

    Pearl (again small & white)

    dove (that was my own idea)

    Blanche - A French form of blanc, which means white.


    Nacre - Another word for mother-of-pearl.(i have no clue how to pronounce it though)

    Vanora - (Welsh) A white wave

    Natika, (connected to Christmas the white of snow in the north pole.

    Snow white, related to the famous fairy tale character who was a dreamy , beautiful girl. Ideal for those females which like sleeping and do little exercise)

    Neva, (the Latin version of snow is a name which carries some interesting connotations as well. This will certainly make the owner look as a cultivated person)

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    i have a white chihuahua~

    Mines a male tho, we names him albito meaning white in german BUT we call him l.b. for short. naming it other words like that is always fun, blanca means white in spanish but thats to gr

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    These are some of the most popular female dog names:

    Bella Molly Lucy Maggie Daisy Sophie Sadie Chloe Bailey Lola

    You may want to visit these sites for more selection of dog names.

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    Blanca or Nieve

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    Whitie or Snowy.

    Source(s): Dog lover.
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