Is there a way to access a laptop's bios settings by hooking it up to another computer?

A friend of mine has a toshiba satellite computer whose bios suddenly started to ask for a password. I am going to try to boot a linux live cd (which will more than likely not work because the motherboard is the one that boots the cd in the first place) but I would like to know if there was some way to get a hookup from the laptop to another computer, boot the laptop and somehow reset the BIOS password. If you know another way to reset the password (without replacing the BIOS chip in the laptop) let me know. Until then, I am going to try several passwords that companies use as their defaults in case that somehow happened.


Larry - I was really hoping to avoid taking out the battery, especially since I have very little hardware experience. It would be a lot easier to get a pro to do it or just replace the motherboard. Bad news for my friend.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In a simple answer no. The bios is the first thing to load on the machine as it tells the hardware what to load, ie CD, hard drive etc. If you do not know the bios password you would need to pull the battery on your motherboard so kill all power therefore resetting everything.

    Larry Dougherty Server Engineer

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Boot with a Linux LiveCD, not a USB gadget. confirm you have an exterior demanding force to circulate the data over to. There are 2 diverse techniques of putting Linux on a USB no remember if it rather is a flash force. in case you will desire to, pull the demanding force out and positioned it in an exterior enclosure and connect it to a various working computing gadget.

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