ok -- i'll ask it in this section. parents, re: green hair, nose piercings, large visible tattoos, etc:?

please don't get offended by the question; i think i've turned into one of those annoying old people who used to drive me crazy and i swear this is an information-gathering question and not one intended to bash anybody.

to me the green hair and so on screams "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!," and that turns me off the same way any attention-seeking behavior in anyone over the age of 16 tends to do.

now, i *do* know that plenty of good people choose tattoos and piercings and green hair and so on. i really do know that; you don't need to tell me. and i also know that many people find it offensive to be judged based on such things. what i need somebody to educate me on is what is the intended message or point of those things beyond attention-drawing. so please don't get mad here, just set me straight. think of me as your well-intended but out-of-touch grandmother.


sorry -- the question is what is the intended message or reason for getting unusual (readily visible) piercings, large visible tattoos, green hair, etc. and thanks to those so far who are properly and politely setting me straight.

Update 2:

shoot, i was going to give b.a. to nikki b/c her answer actually got through nicely to my thick brain, but somebody deleted her. thanks anyway, and thanks to the rest of you for clearing it up for me without getting mad at me. and no, you can't call me granny.

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    What's the question?.... is it how I feel about those things?

    I feel that green hair, piercings and tattoos are just fine. I don't care about outer appearance. What kind of parent is the person? What kind of values to they have? What kind of values do they teach their children? Those are the things that matter to me.

    If it's attention seeking behavior, that's a personal issue that needs to be worked through. Otherwise I just don't pay that much attention.


    Ah ok. I see what you are asking now. The reason I have dyed my hair unusual colors and have tattoos and have had piercings is just purely for my own personal reasons.

    My hair color- Just my preference in color

    My tattoo- Remembrance of my time spent as a military wife

    My body piercings- I don't have them anymore, but they were for me to have a "secret" to make my feel sexy :)

    Source(s): My two cents :) I understand what you mean now.
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    I currently have vibrant pink hair, man I look awesome. I also have numerous tattoos, and the only piercing I currently have is my tongue bar (do have holes in my ears, but can't be bothered with them).

    I do think my appearance says pay attention, but it doesn't mean that people can openly goggle me, and judge me as a bad person. I'm a particularly pleasant and well educated git.

    I don't like to be *normal* or *clone-like*. That is a fate worse than death for me. I like to stand out, and people to take notice of me. I know they assume the worst when they see me and my radical hair and what-not.

    Other than that it could be I was raised on some very good values, one being never to judge a book by its cover. I know I'm not what they assume I *should* be. In my workplace it's a running joke what the clients do when they first meet me, but I have never lost a client for my unique looks.

    Then again I am sadistic, I love negative attention.

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    1 decade ago

    I got my first tattoo at 30. I had wanted one for more than 10 years, but told myself I'd wait to 30 to make sure I really wanted it.

    I would have peak a boo streaks of purple in my hair if I had a job that would allow it.

    I never dressed "weird" when I was a kid. I didn't want to conform by rebelling.

    Now that I'm in my 30s, I feel free to show on the outside how different I am on the inside. If only it weren't for that pesky job.

    I get what you're saying. I'll probably roll my eyes if my daughter wants to do some of this stuff, but aside from permanent modification, I'll let her. If it is just a fad, it will be easier for her to get away with a mohawk at 15 than 35.

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    Honestly I love changing my hair color, I do it so much it could be my hobby. But the craziest color I did was hot pink. It actually looked really good on me, but it was the wash out type. I didn't do it for attention I just saw that it wasn't permanent and said, hey why not so I did.

    I have one tattoo but it's hidden. I'm still young but I feel the same way about tattoos, I don't care how big they are but I think if they can be hidden for work then there's no problem with them, same with piercings. Weird coming for the mama to be who dies her hair hot pink, but I think everything should be able to be covered professionally. The only reason I died my hair pink was because it would wash out before I returned to work. I would never get an arm sleeve personally, I do love them but they aren't my style. I want tattoos that mean something to me, but can be covered so people take me seriously, because to be honest, if you come with green hair, tattoos, and piercings everywhere you won't be seen as professional.

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    Actually, the hair thing doesn't bother me. If my kid wanted to do some crazy color or cut to their hair...it's hair. It grows. My mother let me shave the back of my head in eighth grade. I did it because it was the "cool" thing to do with my older sister's friends...I wanted to fit in.

    Tattoos and piercings (aside from the ears) are different. This is something that will probably be with you FOREVER. When I was in high school I took a trip to Italy. I had my ear pierced at the top - where my mother had never allowed. I called her up and boasted of my new piercing simply for a reaction. I got none. (She was a pretty smart parent!)

    When I was in high school and college, I desperately wanted a tattoo. I wanted to get the Chinese symbol of my name. My parents told me under no uncertain terms that they would never allow me to live under their house if I had a tattoo at all. Still, I toyed with the idea. From the time I was 17 to about 21 I wanted the darn tattoo. Never got it. Now (at the ripe old age of 27) I am so glad I didn't go through with it.

    That being said, some tattoos have deeper meanings. People have them in places that aren't always seen. I'm okay with that. Heck, I'm okay with others having any old tattoo they want anywhere...I'm just happy knowing it's not me. I don't have to live with it when I'm old and my skin is saggy, or after pregnancy when my skin's stretched.

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    Now, I don't do the oddly colored hair. But I am a nearly 25 year old married woman who has several tattoos and piercings. It is not for the sake of attention-seeking as it is a form of personal expression for me. All four of my tattoos have some sort of personal and special meaning to me, and most of my piercings are "intimate" piercings, so no one but me and my husband see those. The only two visible piercings are in my ears, and I wear understated gold studs in the holes.

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    The only 'odd' piercing I had, was an eyebrow piercing that I did, myself... It wasn't all that noticeable, though; in fact, I got compliments that it was so small! I've since let it heal up. (I hate the scar!)

    My tattoos aren't too noticeable: one on my inner left ankle, one on my left index finger, and one on my inner left forearm... The latter, is the most obvious, and I do wish I'd chosen a different spot for it. But, it's the one that's a design I came up with, that has all of my children's zodiac glyphs on it. :)

    The intended message, was to myself: I'd always wanted to get one, once all my kids were born, and the design is cool. Lots of people have said they like it, although I'm sure some do judge.

    I've judged people, unfairly, before... People I thought were 'too loud' or whatever, and then I had to get to know them (for whatever reason), and they turned out to be awesome people... I'm glad I didn't let my preconceived notion about them, spoil what was to become a great friendship!

    (And, sorry if this didn't answer your question!)

    Source(s): Married, with 4 kids.
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    I would say the reason for it is attention. Or maybe they are trying to express their "individuality" which in turn draws them attention.

    I know good people with many different looks so I do not judge them. I also know that in my profession I could not have those things and I hope that they thought everything through before going for the permanent markings.

    There are other ways to get positive attention.

    *who knows, maybe if we all on the parenting board make a pact and decide to get green hair, it will become mainstream and therefore won't be looked at as "attention seeking" lol you first, desmeran :)

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    My hair colors (previous hair colors. Haven't done anything too unusual in a LONG time) was always either for modelling, or just because I felt like it. If I felt like having purple hair, I dyed it purple. Some of it was probably about standing out and being different. Mostly because I liked how it looked. Never saw it as attention seeking, because I've never given much thought to what anyone thinks of me.

    My piercings- When I was about 13, one of my younger sisters and I went to visit a cousin who worked in a piercing salon, and we got our hands on the gun, and pierced our ears about 16 times, then I did my nose. Let's just say my parents weren't happy. All the extra holes in my ears healed up and I took out the nose piercing when I got engaged, because I didn't want it in pictures.

    My tattoos- I got my first right after I got married- the Kanji symbol for "wife" inside my wrist. My husband got the same, with the "husband" symbol, so that when we hold hands they touch. My second is my first childs name, tattooed in script around my ankle, that I got as a tribute to her. My third is on my lower back, and it's chinese characters spelling "cherished" around a design, and my husband designed it for me. My fourth is a small dragon on my upper arm (dragons represent courage), that I got when my 6 year old went into remission. I got it for my kids, because they'd been so brave the whole time. I LOVE my tattoos, they all have meanings and kind of tell the story of my life.

    They're visible, but I usually cover them with jewellery or make up or clothes, because of my job.

    Just a way of expressing myself, whenever I felt like it. I admit, my millions of ear piercings were to piss of my parents, whe I was a horrible teenager ;)

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    4 years ago

    I think some people just like the look, especially when it comes to tats. Personally, I wish the legal age would have been 21 when I got mine at 18. I would consider another today but it would be very different than the ones I chose at 18. I actually hate the attention I get from them because, even if they are innocent tats, its usually negative attention.

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