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(Ramadan) Must see places in Lebanon?

I am planning a trip to Lebanon in March. Does anyone know some must see places that I haven't seen? I've been to the caves, I've been to Rawshi, Cornish, all that. Give me a list of things I shouldn't miss!


@Nikhil: India is 2011 :)

@Spirit: Spill it woman! I got some awesome hijabs last time I was there, but I want jilbab this time, where am I going? I missed out on great shopping last time cause it was right after the war and everything was all messed up.

Update 2:

@Ahmed: I look forward to visiting Iran someday, but I'll have to go with someone, or wait until I get married. I don't want to go there as a single woman, just as I don't want to go to Medina as a single woman, because it will limit the amount of the things I'll be able to do, or places I'll be able to go. I need an escort :)

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