I the Sword of Truth Series. 1. How does Richard Find out that He can be with Kahlan?

And I also heard someone say that in order to seal the crack to the underworld, Kahlan must be executed. Can someone please tell me the answers to both of these questions.

Yes, I really want to know. And It really won't be spoiling anything for me because it will want me to read them all the more. But if Kahlan does get executed, I'm not sure if I will.


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    richard and kahlan can be together because richard is protected from kahlan's magic due to his love for her. he is already entirely devoted to her, so her magic has no affect on him at all. he discovers this at the end of the first novel, wizard's first rule.

    in the second novel, stone of tears, richard learns that he will have to make a choice, either saving the world from the veil being torn and preventing the keeper of the underworld from entering the world and destroying all life, or saving the life of kahlan who is to be executed. it was written in prophecey and is true. however, after richard first decides to save the world and attempt to rescue kahlan after, he learns that the execution was staged by zedd to fool everyone into believing that she was killed with a magic spell. that is pretty much the ending of the second book.

    Source(s): read the whole series, it's my favorite.
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    I'm not sure what book you're talking about; it's been a while since I've read them. Kahlan doesn't get excecuted in any of them.

    Richard is extremely smart, as you should know by now. I don't remember exactly what the book said about him being with her, but I know it's something to do with them being in love.

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  • 3 years ago

    Well, truthfully, Kahlan has her father's final identify. She additionally has a part brother and part sister along with her identical final identify. Jax Amnell would no longer be side of the confessor line in any respect. It's the small main points that subject.

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