Steam Heat System - Won't Go On!?

I have an old Steam Heating System. Recently it just got cold and I tried to turn the system on. Usually I'm good with these types of things, but I'm stuck. Any advice on how to get it on? Here is some of the info I got from the side of the plate.

Manufactured by Burnham Corporation

Hydronics Division

Steam: 15 psi

Water: 50 psi

Min. Relief Vavle Cap: 384

Gas Supply Pressure Max: 10.5 Min: 3.5

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    Our steam heat (boiler) stopped working last year and the problem was the damper switch on the exit flu pipe. All I did was use a volt meter to trace the current throughout the unit and when I stopped getting a reading, that's where I knew a disconnect would be. I jumped the "in" wire to the sensor board to the "out" wire and it kicked on and began running. I still had to get the main part replaced but at least I was able to get heat until they came out to fix it. *Same thing applies to your unit. If you have a meter ($10 at HDepot) test the thermostat all the way to the unit. You should be able to find the gremlin. :)

    ALSO.. check the battery in your thermostat FIRST and make sure no one has flipped off the on power switch & the emergency off switch if you have one (by law, you should). And also the breaker in the box. To note, our A/C didn't kick on this past spring and it was because the breaker tripped off, probably during a storm or something.

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