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I live in Garden City, Ga. I need to know my Representatives at each level, Local, Federal, and State. I need each of the following:

County Commissioner, County District Representative, City Mayor, Governor, County Schools Superintendent, School District Representative, US Senator (x2), City District Representative, State Representative, State Senator, and US Representative.

I have found most of these already, but I would like to double check them and I am missing a few that I just cannot seem to find. If all else fails, I will call the commission office. Please help! thanks.

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    Mayor: Andy Quinney

    County Commissioner: Pete Liakakis i think

    County District Reps:

    District 1 Helen L. Stone

    District 2 James J. Holmes

    District 3 Patrick Shay

    District 4 Patrick K. Farrell

    District 5 Harris Odell, Jr.

    District 6 David M. Gellatly

    District 7 Dean Kicklighter

    District 8 Dr. Priscilla D. Tho

    Senators: Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson

    State Rep/ District Rep: http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2009_10/house/a...

    That's all i got

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