Firearms pricing in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, what would it cost to get a new Glock pistol? Any licensing fees to go with it?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well they are online used and new from 300-520.00.

    Topglock has them for 469.99

    If you buy at a Dealer or have one transferred to you....just fill out the paper(5 mins) and the dealer usually takes your DL and runs the NICS while you are filling it out......and by the time your done the background ck comes back ok if you are clean.

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    Well that would depend on a few factors:

    Are you buying the gun from a dealer or private seller? If your buying new what kind of Glock and what stores? You should shop around at your local gun stores. Look in the phone book if you don't know of any. Be sure to go in and look around.

    As for any legal crap all you need to do is fill out the 4473 at the store wait for the NICS phone call to be done, pay the man and leave with your purchase same day.

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    1 decade ago

    Well it would really help if you would specify what glock you are asking about and in what caliber. They make more than one.

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