President Obama and he Nobel Peace Price?

Many seem to be questioning President Obama recieving this price. They feel he didn't deserve to win. Personally I agree, but I realize he didn't ask for it either. If he would have refused the price then people would be complaining that he thinks he's too good for the Nobel Peace Price.

If you was in his shoes how would you have handled being given the Nobel Peace Price?

Watching his interview it seemed he was very shocked, and really tried to downplay recieving this price. Just my opinion

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    My mother used to say "you couldn't make him happy if you hung him with a new rope."

    She meant that some people will find fault with any situation. The Nobel Peace Prize is one such situation. If it is given to a woman fighting the barbaric practice of rape as a tool of war in Africa, there are many who will say she isn't doing anything outside her own country, and it should have gone to someone more international. If it given to a former President who has intervened successfully in international disputes, the complaint would be that he should mind his own business, and not be out on his own in the world, since he's no longer a public figure.

    Some people will find something to complain about no matter what Obama does because they simply do not like the fact that he is President. If he is aggressive internationally, they will complain that he thinks too much of himself and is hanging the US out to dry. If he fails to be aggressive enough to suit them, they'll complain that he "talks softly and carries no stick at all." (Those are, by the way, both comments I've read here in the Y!A Politics section.)

    You simply are not going to please the Republicans as long as Obama is in office. I certainly hope they are unhappy for a minimum of 8 years.

    Source(s): The Republican outlook puts me in mind of the Louis CK comedy tour - "Everything is amazing, Nothing works." That guy is funny, mostly because he is spot on.
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    Here are some reasons why he might have won it...

    Remarks of Illinois State Sen. Barack Obama Against Going to War with Iraq

    Obama And Lugar Passed Law Boosting U.S. Efforts To Keep WMDs And Other Dangerous Weapons Out Of The Hands Of Terrorists.

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    Didn't you hear ? Obama watched a football game and also won the Heisman trophy ! If I were him in getting the Peace prize, I would give it back by investing it in protecting the American people from illegal aliens/terrorists. OR putting it in the "next" stimulus package to help the country and all Americans. He will do this like he will fulfill all his promises he's made. The Nobel Peace Prize is a farce and means nothing anymore.

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    Nobel Peace "Price"?

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    If I WERE in his shoes I would resign from office for being an anti-American Marxist. Forget the Ideologue PRIZE awarded to him.

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