What kind of problems do you think South Africa and Lesotho have?

because Lesotho is inside South Africa..

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    The Republic of South Africa is a developed democracy with a strong economy and good infrastructure. However, it has one the highest crime and HIV infection rates in the world. These two issues are a national obsession. And one can't imagine what South Africans would even talk about if crime and AIDS were eradicated.

    Sports perhaps?

    Most of the vective is directed at the ruling African National Congress. Although the ANC is one of the few political parties in Africa that can boast about winning elections "fair and square," it has mostly squandered its mandate. Nelson Mandela did alright mainly because he didn't change much of anything. He basically led a caretaker administration that was more concerned with racial healing and transitioning to democracy than actually governing.

    His successors - who have meddled with the system - have been far less successful. Between the AIDS denialism of former President Thabo Mbeki, current President Jacob Zuma's saying South Africans can solve the crime problem themselves by shooting criminals on sight, and the justice minister suggesting that citizens who complain about crime should "leave the country" - it has been one blunder and humiliation after another.

    These new leaders have also tried to move away from Mandela's cooperative stance with regards to local whites and the West in general. The results have been fairly disasterous. Black Economic Empowerment programs have chased whites - and their money - away from the country. And with motley "allies" like Iran, Zimbabwe, and North Korea at its side, South Africa has become a joke in the international community.

    In 1994, South Africa was hailed as an African success story. But that goodwill has all but evaporated. It still has far more potential than Lesotho (see below). However, it will require an exceptional leader to bring about the positive change necessary to bring down the crime and HIV levels domestically, as well as restore confidence abroad.


    The Kingdom of Lesotho might be surrounded by South Africa, but it is far worse off in terms of infrastructure and economic development. The country is mountainous - with little usable land - and technologically deficient. In rural areas, people still ride horses to school and work. The nation's airport is so tiny that it can only handle a single flight from Johannesburg every day. Your cellular phones won't work anywhere outside the capital (Maseru).

    While the country is supposedly a "constitutional" monarchy, there's little in the way of actual democracy. The various strongmen who become "Prime Minister of Lesotho" merely rig the vote as they see fit. Thus, foreign investors aren't too keen on spending too much on the country. Indeed, the political instability has spilled into South Africa several times over the last few decades, forcing both the apartheid and ANC governments to send in troops to restore order.

    Where there are commonalities with South Africa, it is mostly the bad. Lesotho has a dismal crime and HIV infection rates as well.

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    Wow people how about acually answering the question that was asked!

    Problems between SA and Lesotho are caused by poor to nonexistent border security. In many places the fence is completely broken down. Police patrols and enforcement is also very poor on both sides. Livestock theft and illegal immigration are the main crimes. Lesotho is very dependent on income from their citizens working in SA.

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    Hhayi Bo! Who is your source? Also, don't listen to anything Alf G says, he is not even South African. No, South Africans are not Mau Maus and won't ever be. So no, there is not such thing and will not happen in My South Africa. There are fears when people's lifestyle changes. And things they were used to change. Whites had it all and then some. But now, we have to share it. The ruling party is a very Nationalist party, no matter what others say. No, I'm not a member and don't wish to become one either. However, they are fighting for equality for all South Africans, White, Black, Indian and Coloured; that is rights, income, social and economic needs...you name it. So no, we are not going to come out with knobkirries and chase all whites out of the country. Tell your friend to relax. Proudly South African!!

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    Right now, we're in a recession,we also have very high crime rate, HIV/AIDS also is a huge problem for SA, public transport sucks and don't be fooled Apartheid may be over officially, but it's very difficult to change a lot of people's perceptions.

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    The purpose of today's airport is as much financial as it is transitional, as exemplified closer to home by the current debate over expanding London's airport's capacity.

    This makes the decision by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the long-term lending arm of the EU, to back the rehabilitation of Roberts International such a crucial step, in terms of Liberia's economic recovery.

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    Lesotho: Don't know enough about it

    South Africa: Julius Malema, EFF and future race war

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