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TH Family ; Humanoid.. the song credits don't mention Georg or Gusti at all..?

i FINALLY got my Humanoid CD yesterday & i was looking at the song lyrics & i started reading the song credits (eh.. the things right below the song lyrics, i dunno what they're called) & i noticed that it doesn't say anything about Georg or Gustav.. like it says "Music by" then says Tom & a bunch of other people. Does that mean that's who wrote the music, or that's who's playing the music?

Also, did you guys notice that it also says that Bill is the only one in the band that wrote the lyrics? It says "Words by" a buncha people & Bill Kaulitz.. on every single song..

i don't have any of the other CDs, so i can't look, but does anyone know if it mentions the entire band in any of the "credits"?

Poll ;

1. Favorite song on Humanoid?

2. Has your favorite TH song changed since you've heard the Humanoid album?

3. Least favorite Humanoid song?



i didn't notice that any of the songs sounded the same =P

World Behind My Wall (i think..) sounded kinda like Monsoon to me though.

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    World Behind My Wall does NOT sound anything like monsoon. Haa sorry that is just ridiculous to me..but it really doesn't..-_-

    But to answer the question haa. The music does not mean who's playing the means who helped to write it. Sadly Gustav and Georg aren't really on many of the credits in any of the other albums. Mainly Bill writes the lyrics and just all their producers ( which is all the "other" names) and that's fine. And Tom really JUST started helping to write the music. In the past he's been on a few of the credits for the music but not too too many. I really did think the G's would have helped with more too but..guess not..and actually for most of TH's songs their producers made the music in total..even for one or two songs they did the entire thing. (Scream is one I know of..) So yeah. The twins just put their all into this album I guess since their on every single song.

    Oh and the entire band is mentioned in: Love Is Dead (Music the G's and Tom, Bill the lyrics plus all the producers on both), Wo sind eure Hande (music by all of them lyrics by Bill plus all the producers on both), and Ich Brech Aus (music by all of them lyrics by Bill plus all the producers on both)

    and Bill and Tom did Wir Steben Niemals Aus alone( Bill and Tom the music, Bill the lyrics.)


    1. Wolrd Behind My Wall..after that a LOT more..basically the whole album haa. Today I was singing Hey You and Screamin' all day. ^^

    2. Nein. I still love Wir Schliessen Uns Ein the most out of ALL the albums. After that it's a VERYYYYY long list..haa

    3.Uhmm I'm not gonna say any of them for that one cuz I truly do love them all (and no not just because it's TH.) At first i would have said a few..but now that I pushed aside my old views on what they should sound like I really do love them all. Uhmm actually the only one I would say is Forever Now because I don't understand the meaning. Love the song; don't get the meaning.

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    I noticed the same thing. On there Scream album there's only one song that lists Georg in the music part, I don't now the name of that song of the bat, but ja. I hope in the years to come the BAND is all that does the writing and the music and have others collaborate. Not those same guys that are in the list of names in every album. It's a bit frustrating when in interviews they (TH) says that Bill wrote the songs and then you see that he wasn't the only one. Cause if someone new to TH comes and just reads the booklet from the CD an no's nothing else then they will be inclined to think that TH is Tom and Bill. Cause most bands everyone takes part in the writing and those who play instruments come up with ideas for the songs.

    Sorry for the 'rant' but I adore Tokio Hotel and this can spell disaster in years to come, look at the history of bands.

    Poll: 1. Zoom 2. No 3. None

  • Evelyn
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    1. Humanoid and love and death 2. Hey You 3. Dogs Unleashed 4. That Day 5. Automatic 6. That Day 7. Zoom into me 8. Human Connect To Human 9. Humanoid 10. Love and Death (=

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    I believe it's just the people who wrote the music...But I still think they should have mentioned Gustav and Georg...

    an on the other cds it mentioned Bill in the lyrics and then in one i think it was love is dead it says Tom and Georg and Gustav but no Bill and on I believe it was breakaway it mentions Tom Georg and Gustav writing the music...I hoep i go that right I feel dumb

    But I noticed that too.. :/


    -Hey You and Humanoid

    - not really I still love Reden but I love Humanoid so I guess

    -I and don't hate me TH fans but I really don't like dogs unleashed...don't hit me DX

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    The credits usually go to people who created the song (music & lyrics etc.) Not who performed them. So that's why they don't include Georg or Gustav.


    1. Phantom rider/ Zoom into me / In your shadow(I can shine)

    2. Reden is my all time #1

    3. Automatic

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    I know it doesn't mean Georg or Gustav in the song credits i was just thinking the same thing when i bought Humanoid.




    3.Dogs Unleashed

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    Yes,Here's my answer in another question someone posted with that in it.

    Im sorry for the long answer :/;_ylt=Avhqg...

    And have you noticed how Noise sounds very similar to Scream?

    And Dark Side Of the Sun similar to Ready,Set,Go!? (well,kind of)


    -Zoom Into Me and Dongs Unleashed

    -No: Schrei,1 000 Meere, Durch Den Monsun ,Ready,Set,Go! has

    always been.



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    i'll look at my cream CD booklet and edit... :)

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