Hi all b2b.I need help?

Hi all im gettin married in August 2010 and have my reception booked but would love some ideas from you guys .Im on a very tight budget but want my day to be special .Has any1 any ideas on a dress ,bridesmaids dresses,flower girl dress, flowers, table decorations on that very tight budget any ideas at all .All welcome and i would be so grateful.Thanks guys

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    Buy flowers wholesale in a local market, grocery store, or online http://www.fiftyflowers.com, and pay a florist to do simple centerpieces. Want to keep things really easy? Do one to two looks in abundance and make an impact. Place tons of branches, like curly willow or dogwood, in urns or tall glass vases from the dollar store; for a bit more flair, hang LED tealights from them with ribbons in your wedding colors. try groupings of the same flower/s in different hues for an affordably stylish look. Cluster vases of different sizes in interesting configurations on tables.Keep ceremony flowers simple by only placing arrangements near the spot where you’ll be exchanging vows, not on every aisle seat or pew.


    You can go to a fabric store and make your own linens and overlays. Or if your venue already comes with plain white linens you can create your own overlays to go over the table cloth like a nice organza. You just have to know the size of the table. Or rental from an online linen rental company if their prices are good. And they normally ship nationwide and send linen sample swatches.





    http:// www.lineneffects.com



    If you prefer an evening reception, but still want to stick to a budget, consider a desserts-only reception. Specify on the invitation that you will be serving desserts, so that guests don’t expect a full meal. Offer a delicious array of sweets: pastries, pies, mousses and a dramatic flaming treat like Bananas Foster. To accompany, serve champagne or prosecco and specialty coffees and teas.

    Another increasingly popular choice is the cocktail party reception. You'll save thousands on food and decorations; after all, you can forgo big floral arrangements for your tables and adorn small cocktail tables with candles and modest bunches of blooms. Hand pass hors d’oeuvres like mini hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and mini quiches. On a multi-tiered table offer finger foods like Italian breads, olives, artichoke hearts and cheeses, finger fruits and salads. Or consider a chic wine-tasting reception. Guests can sample from different small dishes at food stations, each matched with a special wine. Printed cards can explain the pairing.

    Good luck planning hope you like these ideas.

    Invite Ideas

    DIY your invites. There are websites that you can go to as well as going to a staples, office max or crafts store like micheals or a.c moore etc.... and they should have DIY wedding invite kits there for an inexpensive price

    Bridal Dress and Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids dresses could be bought for a good price at macys, jc pennys, charlotte russe etc.... For the bridal gown you could figure out when your favorite dress designer or bridal store is having a sample sale so you can get a great dress for cheap or just stick to a budget. Also for tuxedos, normally tuxedo companies have sales and specials so keep an eye out for that. Also suites my be a little bit more cheaper but less formal.


    This is so easy and way cheaper than hiring an actual photographer to do the job. Place a few disposable camera's on the tables. People will take it upon them self's to take pictures of the even. You will end up with a lot more pictures than what you would have paid for a photographer. Or if you don't like that idea you can always give a few throw always to a few people that you really trust, and have them take pictures for you.


    Go to a rent to own store and pay the rental fee to rent Three or four Cameras. Purchase your tapes they aren't that expensive. Then get you a few stands and place them in the appropriate places, at the church. You will need to get extension cords as well. The best part about this is you can return these items and get your money back. Except the rental fee on the cameras. Have some one in charge of moving the camera's to the hall for you so that way they are in place before you get there.


    When it comes to the decorations for the hall. BORROW, BORROW, BORROW! I can't say it enough. Get a hold of as many Christmas lights and other decorations you can. Buy some tulle it isn't that expensive. Wrap the lights and tulle every where. Pull up some pictures off the internet for some ideas. There are cheap ways of recreating the same look.Look at the dollar store for items such as vases for the centerpieces. Also check craft stores like micheals and a.c. moore.





    The wedding cake isn't very cheap although there is a solution to this delima. You can purchase simple round or even square cakes from the bakery and the appropriate tools needed to assemble the cake. As well as a few fake flowers, then your topper and you just saved 100-150 on your ca

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    Check out this website:


    You can post a free ad describing your wedding plans and the wedding vendors you are interested in hearing from. Vendors in your local area will then contact you via email. Some of these vendors may end up offering you a discount or a better deal if there are multiple people competing for your business.

    There is also a wedding coordinator who posts blogs periodically on the site and you can contact her directly and she will answer any questions you may have about your wedding plans.

    Congrats and good luck!

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    Hey, thats the same time im planning on getting married !

    And like you, we're on a tight budget also.

    For your dress - im looking at and seriously considering purchasing from www.lightinthebox.com - the dress i love on there is only $180AUD, which is waaaay cheaper than getting one where i live (in a rural area) this site also caters for bridesmaids dresses, however if you live in a big city or near one, have a look at some big bridal stores for some bargains, you might be suprised.

    For the centrepieces, every week im purchasing a couple hurrican vases which i plan to put a pillar candle in with purple sand around it (which is our colour theme) which will be in the centre of each table on top of a purple square of material with purple diamon confetti scattered around it (ebay ebay ebay!). Im looking at ebay for favors also, you can buy personalised ribbon on there and boxes or why not make up a box template and fold your own? We're having a buffet reception which is looking to be approx $35/per person, with great food - shop around, because the difference in prices is astounding! This is at a hotel in their function room, so the drinks will be cheaper with hotel prices (we're going to put about $700 on the bar for beer and wine only (and softdrinks of course). For other decorations, again go for ebay. Oh, and for the favors, you can buy chocolate hearts and stuff on ebay too. For invites, im not entirely sure what im going to do yet, however i just stumbled across this site zazzle.com where you can totally customise your own invite and its heaps cheap, or if you dont want to customise it, they have plenty of designs on there already. I see some lovely invites online for $15 each, but thats ridiculous if you ask me!! What are people going to do with them? they end up in the bin or at the bottom of their junk draw. For cars, we're hoping to borrow a good friends car, we're having the ceremony in a garden which i believe is much cheaper than in a church. Umm... i cant think of anything else at this stage, but i'll come back if i do! Oh, another site to look at is www.do-it-yourself-weddings.com of course, if you can diy, its gonna save you heaps! Best of luck and Congrats!

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    Your dress could be the one your mother wore with some alterations to modernize it, the bridesmaids and flower girls pay for their own dress, the flowers don't have to be plentiful, just make sure you space them well (i.e. in lines, in small vases, or something to that matter) and if you go to your craft store, there's a huge section for marriage stuff that you could pull ideas from.

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    We asked family & friends what skills they had that they would be willing to donate in lieu of a wedding gift...

    My Mum made all the bridesmaid's dresses. (saved approximately $800.00)

    My Aunt made the wedding cake. (saved $450.00)

    My husband's Aunt made the chocolate hearts for the gifts. (saved $200.00)

    My Grandmother loaned me her wedding jewellery. (saved approximately $150.00)

    My Cousin is a hairdresser so she did the bridesmaid's hair. (saved $200.00)

    By asking for help we saved a lot of money & we made sure that all the people who helped us out were thanked personally in the speeches & we gave them a little gift & we stressed to them that we would be embarrassed if they also gave us another gift so no one felt like they were being taken advantage of!

    If you don't have family & friends who can help then I think you should look up the 2000 dollar wedding site...I wish I had known about it when I got married!!!!!

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    I would love to help.

    Wedding Planner with loads of Experience.

    However, I need to know colors.

    Trust me.

    I planned my sister's country wedding on a budget of $700 and that included the wedding dress. ;-)

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    It will change your whole perspective on wedding planning and how much to spend. This couple had an AMAZING wedding for less than $2000.

    Good luck!

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