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Ways to entertain my rabbit?

I bought a new rabbit yesterday, he is lovely :D he is a New Zealand White. I work with pets so I know how to look after rabbits but I've never had one before so does anyone have any tips on how your rabbit likes to be entertained? Mine is still settling in at the moment so I've not interacted with him much to let him get used to his surroundings but I can't wait to let him out and watch him run around (he's a house rabbit).


He's a little shy but I bought him from where I work and he's really friendly and already knows me and had been there for ages. Obviously he's a bit shy now he's in a brand new strange place but he's not the shyest of rabbits, I think he'll soon come out of his shell.

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    let him settle in at first, they're very curious so let him roam around the room just observing, make sure there isnt anything on sight that he could chew on (like electrical cords, plugs, rubber, certain plants....etc. anything toxic for the little guy). I'm guessing he's still a bit shy since you just bought him yesterday so if he's not walking around and sitting at one place looking a bit frightened, give him time to get used to you. you dont have to do anything, just be present in the same room while you do something else, or sit down on the ground somewhere near him...

    you dont really have to buy anything, you can find a lot of stuff for the cute one in your own house! :D

    here's some toy ideas once he gets the hang of living in your house:

    •cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls

    •paper bags

    •cardboard boxes (especially a closed box with two or three rabbit sized entrance holes cut in the sides)

    •cardboard concrete forms or large PVC pipes for tunnels (make sure bunny can't get stuck!)

    •untreated wicker baskets or other wicker items (a wicker tunnel other items are available at the online stores listed below)

    •hard plastic cat balls with a bell inside (make sure your bunny isn't chewing up and swallowing the plastic though)

    •hard plastic baby toys such as rings, links, keys, rattles, etc.

    •parrot toys and bells

    •kitty condos (the shorter ones), tunnels, platforms


    •small straw whisk broom

    •straw balls ( you can get the ones meant as hamster houses; for added enjoyment fill with timothy hay)

    •box full of shredded paper (preferably ink free - you can sometimes get unprinted newsprint roll ends from the local newspaper printer)

    •fresh branches from apple trees

    •dried pine cones

    my rabbits loves to shred paper and actually eat it, but make sure it contains little to no ink if want to give him some. she loves to run around like crazy too, jump on top of the couches and look at the view of the room. my bunny isn't a fan of rattling toys or balls, but she does love boxes to chew on, push, nudge with her nose, flip, sit on...haha. I also give her toilet paper rolls or the paper towel ones. :)

    edit: aww he sounds adorable. my bunny is still shy even though she's been living with us for about 6 months now, but she's wonderful and sitting under the desk at this very moment^^

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    My rabbits love tunnels, they also like toys that rattle and roll around. They enjoy things they can chase after and toys that are also edible.x

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    There are bunny toys that you can get him at a pet store that he can chew on and toss. Be sure he cannot chew wires. A book on bunnies would have going ideas on how to enrich their lives.

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    They like to push things, throw them around, climb through and on stuff. When he starts to come out you can lie on the ground so you're quite low and non-threatening and let him come up to you so you can pat him.

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