Do most guys want kids?

Will it be hard for me to find a guy that doesn't want kids? I am 28 and I know for certain that I don't/won't have kids. I've already had the surgery to make sure it never happens. Also... when I meet a new guy, how do I address the issue? Thanks.

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    I think a lot of people want kids. I don't like using absolute terms like most, but lets just say a lot of people want kids. Marriage is still incredibly popular, and the number one reason for getting married, is still children.

    My guess is, that before things get too serious in a relationship, the topic will probably turn to sex. When this happens, mention you already had the surgery and don't want kids. If he wants kids, then obviously you two aren't right for one another, and things are unlikely to last. Furthermore, any man who wants kids, would be miserable, if he stayed with you, because you can't give him, what he wants, and he would be sacrificing something that's important to you.

    I know lots of men that don't want to have children. My dad knew he wanted to be a dad from the time he was about 3; that's how sure he was. My brother, on-the-other-hand, never wanted to be a dad. Although, he now has two kids, and he loves being their dad. He's actually a really good dad, but he never initially wanted kids. He probably would have been just as happy, never having kids. There will always be guys like him.

    Don't assume, that just because a guy is really into his career, that he doesn't want kids. While that may be true of many women, it isn't true of men. Many guys want a career and a family. Of course, there will always be women who want both too, you're just not one of them.

    Guys like this do exist, and when you find one, you'll be much more compatible with one another. It may even be something that comes-up in topic, within the first few dates. If the topic turns to your childhood, that might even be a great way to work-in the fact, that you don't want kids. Some guys even bring-up the subject in conversation, so you wont have to worry about how to approach the topic.

    Best of luck in life and love. :-)

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    lol hell no, should be a perk for most

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    i want sex on demand

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