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my arm gets tired and sore after I throw 30 baseball pitches my hardest is there a way to improve my arm?

my arm gets tired after I pitch 30 baseballs my hardest is there anything I can do to increse my arm strength like doing weights. And should my arm be getting tired a lot later like after 60 pitches. do major league baseball players have a lot of arm strengh stamina. How many pitches can they throw until there arm gets tired. Thank you for your help.

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    Yes the pro's have a lot of stamina. Although they are limited to a pitch count around 100 pitches these days it was not uncommon in the past for a pitcher to throw 200-250 in a game in a three day rotation.

    Mechanics, Mechanics, Mechanics. If you don't have proper mechanics not only are you going to be inaccurate as well as inefficient but you will damage your arm! Video tape and a good pitching coach are essential. You want to do a lot of work on flat ground-pitching on a mound will add 4 times your body weight of force on your arm! You of course always want to stretch and warm up very throughly before hand.

    Pitching begins with the legs as all your power and balance begins there. Lunges are good, box steps and heel lifts are also effective.

    Core the most important area for baseball. It keeps you balanced but more importantly it generates the torsional force that will make you throw and hit harder and farther. This means sit ups and medicine ball exercises.

    Arm strength: kinda a misnomer you don't pitch with your arm you pitch with your entire body. All the velocity generated from a pitch comes from "shoulder-hip separation". Watch the pros-their hips will face the catcher while their chest still faces first/third base. Anyway throwing is the best way to increase strength as you are using the muscles you throw with obviously. Using "rubber bands" latex or rubber bands that you can use for isometrics as well as going through the pitching motions with resistance. (you can also work on mechanics if you do it in front of a mirror) Close em in a door at home or tie em to a fence at the field you can rotate inwards to simulate throwing change-ups, straight for fastballs and outwards for breaking balls. Long toss helps for warm up but I never liked it for a work out because I would focus on throwing far instead of having good mechanics.

    Watch Tim Lincecum he IS almost the best pitcher out there (if he was only a lefty!) under six feet tall under 200lbs he has thrown a complete game with his fastest pitch being his last! Never ices his arm after games. How is this possible you ask PERFECT MECHANICS!

    Source(s): Mr. Tom House PhD. 4 years on the mound camps, instructors-ironically Pat Burrell's hitting coach taught me a lot!
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    Arm strength is not about how many pitches you throw. You can improve on it by playing long toss, stretch properly, improving mechanics, and getting a good core workout to improve your over all strength. Research these things and find which ones work best for you. Your age can also play a factor. Your arm will also get more tired if you have to pitch out of jams, or if your throwing a lot of breaking balls. If your younger than 15 you should stay away from them anyways.

    Source(s): Im a college baseball coach
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