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At&t Home phone line...?

Is there ANY way to improve the horrible noise and static on my phone line? My customers can't hear me and I can't hear them AT ALL because it is so loud. I have to have at&t out on a monthly ( sometimes multiple ) times a month to fix my internet or phone line. They tested it today and they said they need to send a tech out. I use At&t for my work from home job because they are the only ones they use and they SUCK. I've never had a problem with any other phone company before. I'm going to be looking for another job this weekend because I can't work in order to get paid because of AT&T's horrible service.

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  • joe r
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    if the probem is outside, it does not matter what carrier that you have, the lines are all the same outside.. regardless if you have service from ATT or some other CLEC that resells ATT - if they are the incumbent carrier in your area owns and is responsible for making any repairs on the outside lines... so you would need to contact them to make the repairs...

    your only other option would be to get a cable modem, and use VoIP, either from the cable company themself, or from vonage, or any countless other VoIP providers...

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    Call the company or you should check your phone

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