Why does everyone keep attacking Sarah Palin?


Bash, talk about treason! Our own president has gone to other countries to apologize for how "terrible" america is--how is that NOT treason! Sarah Palin is not even in office anymore, and is not even in the public eye anymore, so theres nothing for anyone to complain about!

Update 2:

Obama has apologized for this country-what do you think he's been doing in all these other countries? That's what got him the Nobel Peace Prize

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    I have never, ever seen someone, who when she opens her mouth, she puts her foot into it.

    Sarah Palin was and never will be a viable candidate for anything, ever again.

    Thanks to Katie Couric's interview of Sarah Palin last Fall, we know that the former Vice-Presidential nominee is no History genius.

    She asked the Governor if there was any US Supreme Court decision in history that she disagreed with. Couric was met with dead silence from the Governor.

    Off the top of my head, I can name, at least, two decisions I disagree with...the infamous Dred Scott decision of 1857 and the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision of 1893 which any High School student should know!

    Couric asked Palin a more simple question, 'What magazines or newspapers do you read on a daily basis?' Again, Couric was met with deafening silence from Palin.

    Is it any wonder that it took Palin six years in six different colleges to get her degree? She may share the same birthday as the 'Wizard of Menlo Park' Thomas A. Edison (Feb 11), but she is more like a character from the 'Wizard of Oz,' the Scarecrow -- who desperately needed a brain.

    If Palin's rambling, incoherent resignation speech was ever used in a college 'public speaking' class, the student would be not only laughed out of the class, but possibly even the entire school! No wonder she had to attend six different colleges!

    In her resignation speech, she attributed a quote to General Douglas MacArthur, by saying "We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction." Well, I hate to break it to you, Sarah, but General MacArthur did not say that. It was Major General Oliver Prince Smith.'

    One time, the following question was posed to Ms. Palin: "Are you offended by the words 'Under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance?" Palin replied, "Not on your life. If it was good enough for the Founding Fathers, it's good enough for me, and I'll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance."

    Well, I hate to break it to you, Sarah, but the Pledge of Allegiance was written nearly 120 years after the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia. Furthermore, the words 'Under God' were not added until 1954!

    Sarah Palin prides herself in being a 'fiscal conservative.' Well, when she was the Mayor of Wasila, she renovated the Mayor's office to the tune of $50,000 without consulting the City Council for the expenditure.

    “I told her it was against the law to make such a large expenditure [$50,000 to renovate her office] without the council taking a vote. She said, 'I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.” - Nick Carney, former Wasilla council member who mentored Palin.

    Furthermore, during her term as Mayor of Wasila, taxes went up 33% and spending went up 38%. Does that sound like a 'fiscal conservative?'

    The more I see of Sarah Palin, the better Dan Quayle (Mr. Potato-Head) looks to me. We had to put up with him for 4 years (1989-93), but, thankfully, we only had 311 days of 'Bailin' Palin' aka 'The Barracuda.' I can not imagine the thought of having to endure her for four years, and knowing that she was one 73 year old heartbeat away from the presidency.

    Finally, Palin is quick to point out that the ethics suits that have been brought against her and dismissed. But, she conveniently forgets the fact that in October, 2008, during the heat of the Presidential campaign, Governor Palin was found GUILTY -- read my lips -- GUILTY of abuse of powers in pushing for the firing of an Alaskan state trooper who was once married to her sister. Guilty by a bipartisan panel of the Alaska State legislature. Yet, she is the same one who brags about that fact that she rooted out corruption in state politics, and bucked the old boy system. Tell me, if I was her sister's new boyfriend or new husband, would I have a cushy state job? 'You Bet'cha I would!'

    Let us all hope that Sarah Palin takes her now tarnished beauty pageant crown and walk off the national stage, because she is definitely 'Not (a) Ready for Prime Time Player.'

    Source(s): Palin quotes on record Presidential Also-Rans and Running Mates, 1789-1996 by Leslie H. Southwick, McFarland Publishers, 1998
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    Because Dems and Liberals are too ashamed to attack the person they voted in. So they go after people most American's don't care about, and try to make something more out of them than what is there. If you attack Obama's credibility you are a racist. If you attack Palin's credibility you somehow aren't sexist? Man, people have really screwed up priorities and issues IMO. To them it's all good, as long as it's not against their leaders. Then heaven forbid.

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    Quite frankly she encourages these actions, by the way, they are not attacks. every single time Palin opens her mouth or now writes a book, she exposes her stupidity.

    President Obama never apologized for America. Never. Just another right wing crazy BS accusation.

    Why do you love Palin so?

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    It's the law of being in the lime-light.

    Once you are on the "stage" that is fame and public importance you are bound to be criticized or praised. It is a consequence that comes with having that kind of importance.

    If Sarah Palin gives herself reason to be criticized then people will do it. If she does well, she will not be criticized.

    Although it may seem cruel at times - it is important that the public keeps people of power/importance under close scrutiny so they don't abuse their position or accede to privilege they do not deserve.

    Hope that clarifies things.

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    Because she is a freak show. Because she is a quitter. Because McCain's own advisers said she is borderline retarded. Because she cannot string together a series of coherent sentences. Because in Levi Johnston's words, "she wants to grab the money and run."

    But mostly because it's fun.

    EDIT: Don B wins this one, straight from the cow's mouth.

  • Don B
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    1 reason

    Sarah Palin FIRST garnered National attention by railing against Hillary Clinton for


    and has since


    America's Whiner in Chief


    I say this with all due respect to Hillary Clinton…but when I hear a statement like that coming from a woman candidate with any kind of perceived whine about that excess criticism or you know maybe a sharper microscope put on her, I think you know that doesn’t do us any good – women in politics, women in general wanting to progress this country.

  • Sarah
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    Why does Sarah Palin keep attacking everyone? She went to Communist China to rant against the President's foreign and domestic policy. Not long ago, Republicans called that treason, and ranted about the Dixie Chicks being anti-American. Suddenly, they're all for it. I'm betting you don't see the hypocrisy.

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    ...to be honest this is the first time i've seen her name on yahoo today...

    During the election.. well that's to be expected, but she did make it pretty easy to make fun of her.

    Message to Sarah Palin: IF you don't want to be "attacked".... stay out of politics. Can't think of a single politician who hasn't been attacked in some way.

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    Because they cannot stand smart, intelligent, attractive women, especially conservative ones. (I get attacked a lot myself for the0 same reason.) What makes it worse is that her predictions have been coming true.

  • Beats me, since Liz Cheney started being groomed to take her place on the Republican stage Sarah Palin has become irrelevant.

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